U-M/Bowling Green: Nothing to Fear

It was all over the news: DENARD ROBINSON LEAVES GAME WITH INJURY. The headlines might as well have said EVERYBODY PANIC!!! with how serious that headline sounded.

Never fear! We have two competent backups who know how to play the game of football. Both Tate Forcier and Devin Gardner came into the game and did not look shabby at all. But there was no reason to panic, anyway; if Denard Robinson had needed to come in and help Michigan beat Bowling Green, it would have happened.

Luckily, we never needed Robinson after halftime.

It got a little hairy during the second quarter, with Bowling Green getting two quick touchdowns before halftime to make the Michigan lead merely 14 - not a great lead. But before we had horrible visions of UMass again, the offense turned on the jets and the defense kept things in blowout mode.

The defense looked far better this game. There were still a few spots that needed help - Aaron Pankratz threw for 231 yards (his longest was 71), and in the two Bowling Green series where they had 4th and goal, the defense allowed two TDs. But the defense made sacks, they caught interceptions, and the rushing crew could only muster 32 yards - a far cry from last week's horrible tackling at the line of scrimmage. The defense has practiced a lot.

I was relieved to give Robinson some time off, even if he had to leave due to injury. He runs, he throws, he scrambles, and he needed a break! While Denard needed a break, Forcier needed to get warmed up. He went 12-for-12, threw for over 100 yards, and was part of a rushing corp (9 players) that gained 466 yards. He looked crisp, and I have a lot more confidence in our Michigan team with whoever is behind center!

Looking back at a few items from the day:

- Was that officiating crew bad or what? Between throwing flags and then taking them back, calling ridiculous penalties, and not calling touchdowns when it clearly was, they were just bad. I hope they aren't doing any more Michigan games this season.
- If you're going to be called Bowling Green, why can't they have a little green in their uniform? It's just confusing.

Finally, we look ahead to Indiana:

If you're looking for a trap game, this may be it. Indiana has always been the punching bag of the Big Ten, where you see them on the schedule and you breathe a sigh of relief. I don't think it's going to be that way this time. Michigan needs to make a statement in this game that they are ready to take on whatever the Big Ten teams are going to throw their way.  Last year we barely escaped from Indiana, and then we didn't win another game the rest of the season.

This year has to be different. We have to come out and crush Indiana from the start, and show Michigan State that we are ready for anything.


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