The M Must Stand for Misery

I guess we know which fork Michigan picked.

It's really unfortunate. The past two games have shown pretty much all of Michigan's weaknesses. The game against Michigan State showed their terrible defense. The game against Iowa showed their terrible special teams. And in both cases, the offense didn't prove that a team could just get by with...well...a good offense.

Also, does it seem like Denard Robinson is injured in some way in every game? I think I've seen him being walked off the field more often than fans at a World Cup match. (it's a few months old, but I think it can apply.) I don't know whether to roll my eyes every time it happens, or be thrilled it's not more serious. (I'm looking at you Stafford.)

These next three games could salvage a season. But does Michigan really have what it takes to defeat three mediocre teams in the Big Ten? They had a hard enough time with Indiana!

This bye week could not have come at a better time. It's been a roller-coaster of a first half for Michigan, and the games only get tougher. A game at Happy Valley under the lights. Another against a pretty formidable defense. And a final one against a team that looks pretty bad, but will probably bring out everything against this team. Everyone brings their A-game to Michigan, unfortunately.

Hypothetically, we could still end this season 8-4. But is it a good season if you lose your third straight game to MSU, your third straight Homecoming game (aren't those supposed to be pancake walks?), and quite possibly your gajillionth straight loss to Ohio State? (Doesn't it seem like a gajillionth by now?) I just can't justify that. They have to show improvements against Penn State. The defense can't run out of gas after the first quarter, like it seemed like it did on Saturday. Wide receivers can't drop passes. Everything needs to click.

Can Michigan save this season? That is really the question on people's minds. And it will stay in their minds for the next two long weeks.


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