Baseball...It Can't Come Fast Enough

I sit here in the midst of a giant blizzard pining for baseball.

It didn't take much for me to get into this stupor. On Facebook I noticed that 97.1 The Ticket out of Detroit was having a "Tiger Talk" with Pat Caputo and Dan Dickerson (Tigers radio play-by-play guy) tonight. Since my plans had fallen through thanks to the snow, I found my evening free.

As I continued to listen, I started roaming the Internet for other Tigers information. And as I found more, I eventually crossed leagues and started looking at video for my National League team, the Milwaukee Brewers.

Watching the videos, listening to the radio, and reading the articles made me pine for the day when I can turn on the radio any night - regular radio or Internet radio - and listen to one of my two favorite teams.

I remember last year having that eternal optimism at the end of March - I seriously thought that the Tigers and the Brewers could meet in the World Series. On one of my many lovely spring walks, I actually debated If they ever met in the World Series, who would I root for? (it took me two seconds to decide: the Tigers)

Of course, hope springs eternal, but April brings reality. Eventually as spring segued into summer I settled into a mood where just listening to them play made my day. Dan and Jim (Tigers) and Bob and Cory (Brewers) were great at bringing the game into my living room or car, and their relaxed voices always made it seem like they were talking right to me!

Now that it's been over four months since my last baseball game with these two teams, I'm starting to go a little crazy. It became evident to me when I heard about the Tigers' opening day plans and immediately scheduled a trip home around it, so I could listen to the game on the radio as I drove!

But even though I'm making all these plans, it still doesn't change the fact that Opening Day is still two months away. So the snow still falls around me, the weather is still bitterly cold, and the drifts pile up.

But it doesn't mean I can't dream that it's already spring!


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