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Baseball - By Ken Burns

The week before baseball season began, I started to watch the Ken Burns documentary called Baseball . It traces the history of America's pastime from it's inception to 1994. Most of its history covers the Major Leagues, but it does also cover much of the Negro Leagues' history, and briefly covers other leagues from history. I enjoyed watching the documentary, but it did have a few spots that were sour for me. First, the good: The Height of Baseball is Thoroughly Covered and Very Entertaining Once the history of baseball reaches 1919 and the Black Sox scandal, the documentary finds its footing and takes off. The histories and recollections by historians and writers really helps you to understand all the sides of the stories that are heard. "Innings" 3-7 are the best innings by far to watch. Buck O'Neil is Fantastic Much like Shelby Foote in Burn's other major documentary, The Civil War , Buck O'Neil is a man with very simple words that really