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Summer Movie Season: Why Should I Care?

Apparently on May 6 the "Summer Motion Picture Extravaganza" began, which unofficially commences the Movie-Tie-Ins-Till-Your-Eyes-Bleed Season as well. Every year on the first Friday in May THE Major Motion Picture is supposed to resurrect the movie theater industry out of its doldrums and deliver the next big blockbuster that everyone MUST go out to see. This is followed quickly by the Memorial Day Ultrabudget Feature Film , not to be undone by one or two Incredibly Adorable While Hitting the Adult Demo As Well Kids Movie (quickly followed by the Incredibly Stupid Kids Movies With Too Many Fart Jokes ). Also in June is the Upstart No One Saw Coming Comedy But Ends Up Making $150 Million , and that film ends up launching the career of a brilliant actor, and also launches the career of the other comedy actors into the Incredibly Stupid Comedy Movie No One Sees (this movie arrives - of course - right after awards season). July brings us the Fourth of July Special That's