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Erasing a Terrible Memory

Let's take a trip in the Wayback Machine, shall we? Strap yourselves in - it's going to be kind of a bumpy ride. Where are we going, you ask? Well, to the worst sports day of my life: Sunday, October 1, 2006. Does this day remind you of anything? It always does for me. This was the day I was tuck in a terrible nightmare and had no way to get out of it. You see, I was, at this time, a co-anchor for a little, tiny (teensy-weensy, microscopic, et al) local sports talk show in my little, tiny (teensy-weensy, microscopic, et al) college town. It was led by two guys - both of whom lived in the state of Minnesota, and I was the third wheel. I didn't mind that at all, especially since they knew far more about sports than I did. I just put in my two cents where needed, and sometimes got into some fun heated debates. One of the guys, Dan, was able to use his status as "anchor of a sports radio show" to contact the nearest pro sports teams like the Minnesota Twins, T

A Weekend for the Ages

I went into this weekend of sports with excitement. I am not a big supporter of the fall season, but the one thing that gets me through it is the fact that my weekends are filled with football. This weekend would be the first full weekend of football this season, with college football in its second week and the NFL opening up their season on Sunday (well, Thursday, but whatever). Not only would there be a plethora of football, but the Detroit Tigers haven't lost a game since September began. They shocked the Chicago White Sox in a weekend series (culminating with an onslaught of Mark Buerhle and the Sox bullpen for all the nation to see on ESPN2), marched into Cleveland and swept the Indians in style, and then were coming back to Detroit to hopefully welcome the Minnesota Twins into the new House of Horrors. Let's take a look at the weekend and see what happened: Friday: Twins and Tigers -MLB After a Verlander game, it's been a bit of a letdown lately with Brad Penny

The Blurb: Track and Field Worlds

I got cable back. This was quite the wonderful happening for me. I called my large cable conglomerate (who shall remain nameless) to see about getting my Internet and phone moved. When they inquired about my cable, I told them I couldn't afford it. But they said they could get me the basic channels at no extra charge to my bill! So I decided to get it back. Because I have those core channels back, I get my weekend sports back. College football, the NFL, MLB on Fox, golf, and tennis. Sure, I don't get the 24-hour sports channels, but most of the important events are aired on one of the four major networks. One of the events that I was fortunate to view was the World Track and Field Championships on NBC. Usually, when NBC airs Olympic events, most people tend to ignore it. After all, it's not an Olympic year. Why should anybody care? Well, considering I had a boring weekend ahead of me, I cared. The Championships aired from Friday August 26 through Sunday September 4. N