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Super Excitement - It Never Fails

It is Super Bowl week. It "officially" begins tonight with the kickoff of the Pro Bowl. It ends next Sunday when a new Super Bowl champion is crowned. In between there are parties, Media Day, interviews, overblown analysis, and NBC shoving their stars in our faces as much as humanly possible. I hear a new show is premiering on Monday...I think it's called "Smush." But even with all of that ringamaroll, I still find myself excited. Any sports purists out there may wave their hand and wish that it was 1976, where the Super Bowl festivities consisted of four quarters and a performance by Up With People. I, on the other hand, say bring it on! Read on to find out why. 1. It sure beats watching the snow fall The Super Bowl is placed at the most ideal time of year: the time when NOTHING is going on. Christmas cheer has finally worn off, the idea of shoveling for a fourth time in one week gives you a headache, and the Oscars are still weeks away. Marc