Big What?

Fourteen? And we're still going to call the conference the Big Ten?

After rumors persisted over the weekend, Maryland has voted - and approved - to leave the ACC and join the Big Ten conference in 2014. Rutgers is also talking to join the Big Ten as well.

There was eighteen years between teams joining the Big Ten conference - Penn State in 1993 and Nebraska in 2011. Now there's only three. Is this how it's going to be? Teams jumping into the Big Ten like it's the Big East conference?

I remember being pretty excited about the idea of Nebraska joining the Big Ten conference. My mouth was watering at the prospect of Michigan-Nebraska football games. Nebraska fit the mold of a Big Ten team: Midwestern, tough-as-nails, grass-fed beefy guys.

When I heard about Maryland and Rutgers, I was a surprised, and not thrilled. Neither team is impressive, and the only championship of late was Maryland's basketball championship back in 2002. Neither is a team you'd think of first when it came to "elite college teams." If anything, both are very regional teams - known to other universities in the East.

We'll see how this lineup turns out in the long run. But I return to my original question: after only changing the logo and adding a championship game and divisions, will the Big Ten be forced to scrap all of that because the number of teams keeps going farther and farther away from ten? Will this conference eventually be known as Big Ten-Squared? (That's a lot of schools.)

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