The Broncos are Going to Lose

I am pretty convinced that the Broncos are going to lose on Sunday. I’m not really sure why, but here are a few passing thoughts that are convincing me:
1. Cold!
The Broncos are based in Denver, and the weather is always changing. For most of the Broncos’ games, however, it’s been sunny and relatively warm. When they’ve had to play in the cold (Sunday night at New England, Sunday night at home, and Thursday night at home), they lost two of those games.
Quarterback Peyton Manning has told reporters to “Shove it” when discussing how he can’t perform in the cold. I’m less inclined to say that Manning can’t perform in the cold, than the fact that the team has a hard time in the cold.
Looking at Seattle’s home weather conditions (cool and moist), they are much more inclined to perform better in colder weather.
2. Injuries
Running back Knowshon Moreno is nursing bad ribs. Kicker Matt Prater has been sick. Manning has had ankle issues in the latter half of the season. Linebacker Vonn Miller is gone, as are center Dan Koppen, tackle Ryan Clady. Receiver Wes Welker is just coming back from a concussion.
All of these guys were/are very important to the team. It is great how much depth there is to the team, but is it Super Bowl depth?
3. Defense Wins
I am a huge believer in the phrase “defense wins championships.” I tend to root for teams that have a stronger defensive presence than offensive. (2004 Pistons, anyone?) It is rare that I want the strong offensive team to win.
As you might have been aware, this Super Bowl matchup is the Number One Defense (Seattle) against the Number One Offense (Denver). Although I’m rooting for the offensive team, I still believe that the defense will win.
4. Letdown
This is an all-sports-related – not just football. I have gotten so used to my team making it to the championship and then losing. 2006 Tigers. 2009 Red Wings. 2012 Tigers. 2013 Michigan basketball. It’s been six years since I’ve been able to revel in a championship (oh, woe is me, sarcasmsarcasmsarcasm), and I haven’t had much to celebrate. So it might just be my personal mindset that convinces me that the Broncos will lose.
I will be rooting for the Broncos to crush it on Sunday night. (Or Saturday. Or Monday. Or whenever they play the game.) I will be going to a party, likely full of other Broncos fans (and a few Packer fans, I’m sure) and cheering my socks off. My classroom is having a “Sports Day” on Friday, where they are all encouraged to wear their favorite team colors – and I will wear my Broncos t-shirt.
So here we go – let this be a good one!

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