Bold Predictions

This is the point in the Blurb where I make fun of the overhyped athletes and all the attention they get. Well, kinda. This year I’m just going to make some bold predictions - most of which will involve those overhyped athletes. Enjoy!

Russia will win hockey gold
After a couple of years of USA-Canada hype and dominance, it’s time for the Russians to return to their former glory. If Russia and the United States do play each other, the echoes of 1980 will thrive. (Oh, it was 34 years ago? Well have YOU stopped talking about it yet? No? I’ve made my point.)

The tandem from Canada will beat Charlie White and Meryl Davis in ice dancing.
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir famously beat White and Davis in the 2010 Olympics, really ticking me off. Turns out the couples (who both train at the same rink in Michigan!) have been exchanging championships ever since. Moir/Virtue have won the world championshis in 2010 (Olympics) and 2012, and White/Davis won in 2011 and 2013. It’s an even year, so it’s going to be the Canadians. Which will once again really tick me off.

However, they will win gold.
In the figure skating team event. U-S-A! U-S-A!

SJ Shaun White won’t medal.
SJ Shaun White is in one event now: snowboard halfpipe. He’s going to come out with zero medals. Not only has he looked subpar in recent showings (knocking himself out in a slopestyle event a month ago, messing up his ankle in another competition in halfpipe), but the rest of the field has really become a formidable foe. No longer is it SJ Shaun White on top and everybody else on second tier; it’s SJ Shaun White vs. the world. And that’s not good for him.

Ashley Wagner and Gracie Gold will falter.
I struggled with this one, but this is where I’m going to be bold. With the target on their backs, neither one of these figure skaters will make it to the top of the podium.

U.S. Snowboard will wish they took Seth Wescott back to the Olympics and not Lindsay Jacobellis.
Wescott has won back-to-back golds in the event. Jacobellis has stunk it up in back-to-back Olympics. Even if Jacobellis doesn’t fall over (like she did in 2006 and 2010) she’s not going to win. Wescott narrowly missed out this year, with Nate Holland (who was in the final in 2010) taking his spot.

Jeremy Abbott...will medal?!
The kid who can’t live up to expectations will experience an Evan Lysacek Moment in men’s figure skating and grab a medal. I didn’t say gold - just a medal. If he beats Pluschenko, all is right in the world. Of course, Abbott has won multiple U.S. Championships (like he did this year) only to be awful in the international competitions.

Something amazing will happen in the sport of curling.
Like, absolutely, once-in-a-lifetime amazing. Everyone will talk about it.

Lauryn Williams will win bobsled gold.
Technically this means in some scenario (4-man bobsled) Lolo Jones will also win bobsled gold. But Williams has won Summer Olympic gold and Jones hasn’t, so I am focusing on the woman who could win in hot and cold weather. Good for her.

Cross-country skiing will bore me yet again.
Wait - this isn’t a bold prediction. This is a definite outcome. Next topic.

No U.S. women will win gold in ski jumping.
After spending years fighting to get the sport in to the Olympics, the U.S. women will need to settle for silver and bronze after getting upended by an unknown. Beware.

The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Spain will double their previous win totals.
This is solely because I have chosen these three teams in my Olympic Medals Competition with my friends, and I’m reeeeeeally hoping I win. Go Orange!

NBC will treat Mikaela Shiffrin like Lindsay Vonn...and she’ll hate it.
Let’s say there’s someone you work with that is amazing, and everyone keeps talking about him/her. Then they get really sick and have to be out for a while. Then everyone turns to you and says that you’re the next insert name here and they tell you that 1000 times! How would you feel?

Canada will keep up the medal count from 2010, but Russia will win the overall title.
I don’t really know if there’s an overall title, but it’s something of which people keep track, so I’m counting it. Canada really tore it up on their home turf in 2010, winning the most golds of any country. I’m thinking that resurgence isn’t going to let up; however, Russia will take advantage of their home turn and win a bunch.

I will wake up at least once in the middle of the night to watch some event online.
And it will be a school day. But it will totally be worth it.

My kiddos will be sick of this whole thing by the end.
I really hope this one isn’t true - this is a great distraction from the February school doldrums, and anything to keep my kids going will be worthwhile.

Someone will find my blog and pay me to do it full time!

Eh, a girl can dream, right?

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