Day 13: Mini Blurbs Galore

Mini Blurbs

Today’s roundup: men’s and women’s short track (from yesterday), women’s bobsled (live), men’s hockey (live), men’s and women’s cross country, women’s speedskating, women’s figure skating, men’s alpine skiing,

Oh good grief: I got my kids really excited about the final leg of women’s bobsled: “If they get first in this heat they win gold!” They were excited. And then I saw the worst non-Jamaican run of bobsled I’ve ever seen. It was awful. This was the team in first? They weren’t in first anymore. They ended up with silver.

I told the littlest kids about this at the start of music class, and several piped up, “At least they still got a medal!” Then many of them told me how they, with their big brothers and sisters (who are in my classroom), would sit and watch the Olympics together. Those little kids certainly know how to turn negatives into positives!

Integration! The kids used a Venn diagram today to compare and contrast two Winter Olympic sports. Some of them stayed very close in relationship (like luge and skeleton) and some stretched it a little bit (figure skating and bobsled?). Many had great similarities and differences - but I asked them to make complete sentences and they did bullet points! Well, that’s a problem for a different blog.

We also studied the continent of Australia in our Geography class. Fun fact: it’s summer down there!

Czech balance: Martina Sablikova of the Czech Republic competed in the 5000m speed skating event today, and she pretty much dominated! I remember her from 2010, and now I’m thrilled to see that she’s a Czech. She topped two other Dutch skaters, but since I have both countries in my competition, I’m calling it another sweep for me! (Yippee!)

The kiddos and I watched the last seven minutes of the US men’s hockey game against the Czech Republic. They lost 5-2, but I could be happy with the result.

Today Bob Costas is reporting from… a hanging bead factory. (The ice seemed more purple today, and reminded me of those beads that people put over their doorframe)

Rockin’ the suit: Apolo Ohno made an appearance in studio, looking great in a black suit.

Going Dutch: I was informed today by my friend Michelle that I picked a Dutch team in my pool that had won only 8 medals in 2010. I did NOT know that when I picked them. I just knew they were amazing at speedskating. Now they’ve won 21 of the possible 30 medals in speedskating (and one short track medal for good measure)!

The individual events are over, and now it’s time for one of my favorite events - speedskting team pursuit!

Tom Hammond trying to be cheeky: When 15-year-old Paulina Edmunds was about to begin her skate, Tom said “Somewhere in the Bay Area, some kids in front of their TV are saying, ‘Come quick! Our babysitter is skating! At the Olympics!’ “

Best version of “Send in the Clowns” ever: I watched Yuna Kim’s short program twice. It was pretty incredible. I got teary-eyed both times.  I hope you saw it. I hope she wins. (I wonder what Johnny and Tara said!)

Questionable obstruction: The women’s classic sprint relay in cross-country was uneventful (Norway won), but at the end of the men’s relay, Finland’s skier got in front of the German skier, causing the skis to get tangled up and the German fell. The German had been in the running for a medal, and he ended up in 7th. Germany had talked of filing a protest after the event, and they can file one sometime today. We’ll see if Finland is penalized.

Spoiled? NBC ran their Ted Ligety video package before Ligety ran the Giant Slalom. It if had been later in the broadcast, then they were probably burning it off. But since it was early and before the race instead of during it, it was clear that Ligety had done well.

And how awesome were Ligety’s parents? They talk like I talk. And his dad’s like, “Oh, let me just pull out this flag that I have here…” and boom! There’s an American flag!

Great short program: It was a pretty great night of figure skating for all the ladies - there’s a reason they call this one of the premier nights of figure skating in the Olympics (only supersceded by the free skate tomorrow). There aren’t many falls (unlike the men’s program), and it’s strong from first through tenth place.

Angel/Devil: It probably wasn’t planned, but having Carolina Kostner skate Ave Maria followed by Ashley Wagner skating to Pink Floyd was pretty clever, don’t you think? Though I don’t think any nun would approve of Kostner’s fake-plunging outfit.

It would be fun to watch the entire women’s hockey gold medal game, but I don’t think my kiddos would be able to sit through the whole thing. I hope it’s a US blowout! Cream those Canucks!


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