Day 15: Catching Up on Thank-You Notes

It’s Friday, so that means one thing: Thank-You Notes, Olympic style!

I’m not Jimmy Fallon or anything, so these aren’t going to be funny. Probably not. It’s just a good way to have an alternative format!

*cue music*

Thank you...2009 HP Laptop...for not sucking it up like I thought you would. You did a relatively admirable job at showing live sporting events at school for the kiddos, without too much hassle. It shocked me, and now I want to throw you off the balcony less than I did before.

Thank you...God...for putting Lent in March this year. I couldn’t imagine doing all of this while being overloaded with church stuff.

Thank you...Internet...for showing me events live as they happened (even at 3:30am!), but no thank you for spoiling events I wanted to watch in Primetime by putting up the results on the sidebars of pages!

Thank you...NBC...because you may not know how to tread the line between revealing live information in your news shows (Today Show, NBC Nightly News) and keeping it under wraps on tape delay, but at least you try to give us the best coverage possible. Can’t blame you for that.

Thank you...students…for putting up with my obsession for three weeks. We did lots of work related to the Olympics, culminating today in some Internet research on Olympic information, and bringing in the K-2nd graders to watch the men’s 5000m short track relay (which was nuts!). I don’t know how much information you retained, but at least I know you can name lots of different countries’ flags! (“That’s Australia!” “That’s Canada!” “That’s France!”)

Thank you...Reading A-Z...for being a great educator’s website for Olympic information. You provided me with my Integration booklet and a fun book on the Olympic games. If you’re a teacher for elementary grades, Reading A-Z is worth the price!

No Thank you...Viktor Ahn...for taking so many gold medals for Russia and causing me to lose my lead in the medal count. If only you’d stayed in South Korea and skated for them!

Thank you...Bob Costas...for stating the predictable: “The Sochi Games have gone much better than many feared and predicted.” Bob, haven’t we figured this out? It’s like the media has its own Cycle they deal with: Worry about the huge price of the Games, report that venues and other places aren’t complete, worry about security, have the Opening Ceremony, enjoy the sports, and then report at the end that it wasn’t so bad. It happens EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. Can’t wait for the Cycle to start up again...roughly June of 2016.

Thank you...slalom...for being that one ski event that boggles my mind. How can they see those tiny blue and red poles and know what route to take? (I love those shin guards and headgear the skiers wear.)

Thank you...Rio de Janeiro...for only being an hour ahead of Eastern Time. I am looking forward to watching lots of LIVE events August 5-21, 2016. (I’m really sick of being 11 hours ahead.)

Thank you...short track...for being completely unpredictable...except for the fact that someone from South Korea, China, or Viktor Ahn will win. (At least it finally got some Primetime love tonight.)

Thank you...Johnny and Tara...for emerging as the biggest winners of the Winter Olympics. NBC took notice of their popularity and started inserting them into their Primetime coverage in the second week. I approve. Although most of Johnny’s outfits are whack. (Honorable mention: Apolo has been great in calling short track! Fun fact: Terry Gannon works with all three of those commentators. Coincidence…?)

Thank you...Sleeping Bear Press...for writing such an informative and colorful ABC book about the Olympics. I enjoyed reading that to the kids this week.

Thank you...Michael Phelps...for also writing an incredibly entertaining children’s book about winning gold medals that the kids enjoyed today! (See you in 2016.)

Thank pole clapping...for making skiers look so cool before they set off in their runs down the hill. When I ski for the first time, I’m going to clap my poles together, too. But I’ll look like a complete dolt.

Thank you...Mikaela Shiffrin...for bringing front bangs back in style.

Thank you...speedskating team pursuit...for showing more than two skaters on the long track. I love team pursuit. It’s so different from other speedskating events, because it’s match play and not time trial. Taken from the pursuit in cycling - which is cooler, because watching those bikes shoot up the incline to go into last place is sweet.

(Why do they stay behind each other? Drafting!)

Thank you...all y’all...for reading the Blurb!


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