It's a Wrap!

Well, it’s done! The Russians dominated in the end and took their hometown push to 13 medals and 33 overall. The Americans started strong, but whimpered at the finish, winning just a bronze in the final two days of competition.

It was a lot of fun to stay up late, wake up early, postpone viewing any other television shows (and all programming from ESPN) to devote all my time to the Olympics. I enjoyed explaining events to my students and seeing things click in their head.

These two weeks are two weeks of nonstop action, and it’s difficult to fit everything in. But it’s also two weeks that usually guarantees excitement every day. There’s always a top story, or a controversy, or a surprise coming out of the Olympics. New faces are discovered every day, and old faces either live up to expectations or fade into the background.

Now begins the Long Wait. The time between the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics is about six months longer than between the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics. 

Did you see the NBC promo for the Rio Olympics? It made me so excited, and it always will! Throughout those 893 days, there will be countless reports of Rio de Janeiro's facilities not being ready, of security issues, of whether or not Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt will be competing, and how much live coverage NBC will air. (Hopefully a lot!) There’s also some World Championships in swimming and track next year, and a lot of excitement for the premier of golf!

I’m now going to curl up in a ball and watch the Closing Ceremony, where I’ll probably be moved to tears as the Olympic flame is extinguished.

Whenever I have a bad day, I’ll be sure to que up my phone and watch the lighting of the flame, and remember all the awesome things I saw these past two weeks. I hope you enjoyed it too!


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