New Olympic Events - Even More Awesome Than Before!

Time to get you geared up for some new Olympic events that are sure to impress! Get ready - there are TWELVE this year!

An awesome addition is that three of the new events will have men and women competing together on the same team. The Summer Olympics have yet to capitalize on this - as far as I know, the only co-ed event in those Games are equestrian events. That should change! I loved participating in grade school track teams and intramurals in high school with men and women together.

Biathlon Mixed Relay
If you don’t know biathlon, just wait - NBC will air the event way too many times to count in their day coverage. It’s a mix of cross-country skiing and shooting. If you miss a target, you have to ski that many extra laps. The new event mixes men and women together, which automatically makes it way more interesting than any other biathlon event.

Figure Skating Team Event
As if figure skating wasn’t already top priority for many viewers, now it’s got a stranglehold. This combines one female, one male, one pairs couple, and one ice dancing couple from each country. Highest total score wins. Awesome. Awesome awesome awesome!

Mixed Luge Relay
This sounds absolutely bonkers. Three sleds going down AT THE SAME TIME. It’s much like speedskating pursuit, where the three sleds will all be from the same team. One women’s sled, one doubles, and one men’s sled. The times will count after the LAST sled has crossed the finish line - another similarity to speedskating pursuit. The luge goes down, the luger has to slap a target, and then the next luge goes! It sounds great, and I will watch as much as I can.

Ski Halfpipe - Men and Women
If you set your DVRs last year for Shaun White (now to always be called Skinny Jeans Shaun White, or SJ Shaun White, because of his current competition attire), now there’s even more halfpipe goodness to go around. This time, be prepared for lots of helis and flips, and hope those pesky ski poles don’t get in the way!

Ski Slopestyle/Snowboard Slopestyle - Men and Women
I combine these events because they are very similar. It’s like a giant obstacle course, filled with rails and jumps. It’s not scored on time, but on how fancy your tricks are on the course. It’s done one at a time, unlike ski and snowboard cross (one of my favorites), which are run with four at a time.

Snowboard Parallel Slalom - Men and Women
Snowboarders race down against another racer doing an identical course...but parallel. If I have to explain parallel to you, then you can come to one of my third grade Math classes any time.

Women’s Ski Jump
Yup, they’ve never had women’s ski jump before. I couldn’t believe it either when I found out. It seems incredibly ridiculous when you think about it, but even four years ago one of the officials stated that ski jump affected the women’s body in a negative way, and that’s why it shouldn’t be an Olympic event. (source! I will gladly watch this.

For some incredibly over-edited introduction videos to these events, click on the link below:

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