Revisions and Options

Well, take a look at this!

I have no idea where I am!

What is this place?

After the Olympics wrapped up, I decided to refresh the website a little bit. I don't know if it feels any more professional than it did before, but it seems a bit less 1998 than it did before.

I also changed the website's name to reflect a bit more about future posts. When I began the blog four years ago, I was going to spend time writing about Michigan sports. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to write about Michigan sports when I don't get to watch as much as I did when I was in Wisconsin. Plus, many events in Michigan take place early around here, so I don't get as much chance to watch them as when it was just over the lake.

The new name takes my Olympics outline and expands it a bit. You'd be surprised how many Blogspot blogs have the word "blurb" in them. "theblurb"? Taken. "blurbsandmore"? Yup. "blurbalicious"? Well, I didn't try that one, but that seemed a bit Kardashian for me.

Luckily, "blurbmusings" wasn't taken, and it really reflects well on what I'm going to try to talk about.

It was harder to target what I'm going to be writing about. When I was writing about the Olympics, I knew that a majority of the people of this Earth would be watching it, or at least know about most of the things going on in the Olympics. Now, everyone has returned to their respective interests, which mostly don't interact. Some of us still attach ourselves to sports. Others indulge in great TV and movies. And still others create pools and fantasy leagues...for the Oscars. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that last one.

So I am going to write about what I know best - my interests! It may cross with yours, and it may reveal things of which you have absolutely no idea. But I'll try my best to be entertaining nonetheless, so that you can get excited for whatever I'm writing about, or relay to me what you think I should be writing about.

Speaking of comments, you can leave a comment at the end of my posts if you login with your Google account. Or, if you came from Facebook, you can always comment there. I always appreciate the recommendations and critiques.

So if you enjoyed reading the Olympic Blurbs, hopefully you'll continue to enjoy my Blurb Musings!


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