The Procrastinator's Movie Review: "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World"

I've decided to start a new Blurb section called "The Procrastinator's Movie Review" (title subject to change).

I am not a huge fan of going to a movie theater. While my parents are visiting the theater once a week (or so it seems) to catch the latest hit, I choose to wait until it comes out on DVD. Kind of. Actually, I wait till it comes out on DVD, and then put it on hold at my local library, wait even longer until the hold list finally gets around to my name, and then I get to see it.

Sometimes this means that I don't see hit movies until six months to a year after they've come out. I'm not incredibly disappointed if I find out the huge/surprising endings to movies; it's my own fault that I haven't seen the movie yet.

When I do prevent the spoilers from happening, I am incredibly pleased with myself. I didn't know the ending to Inception until I finally got it from the library in January of the following year. The movie was incredible, and I was glad not to be spoiled.

I laughed when I heard about people who hadn't seen any of the Best Picture nominees for this year, until I realized that I was one of them. It's likely that I won't actually see any of them until April, even though most of them came out in the October-December range.

If I go to a movie, I want to see it with family or friends. On the rare occasion, I will go see a movie by myself. (Star Trek Into Darkness and The Dark Knight Rises come to mind.) But I am more than content to wait for it to arrive at the library, or - even better - to DVR it when the biannual HBO Free Weekend comes around. That occurred way back in mid-January, and I'm only starting to finish my DVR list now. (Just one movie left...and it's The Dark Knight Rises.) Usually I'm much better than that, but with the Olympics and life, things just took a bit longer to get to.

And so my first entry in the Procrastinator's Movie Review is...
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

Release Date: June 22, 2012

Who was in that one again? Steve Carel and Kiera Knightley

I can't remember the plot. An asteroid is headed to Earth, and there's no chance of stopping it. There are three weeks till Earth is destroyed, and a dude gets ditched by his wife. A neighbor in his apartment is a flighty Brit who escapes with him after there's a riot outside their apartment, and they go on a journey to get her on a plane back to England, and to get him reunited with his high school sweetheart.

The review: I enjoyed the movie. It's a dramedy, something that Carell seems to enjoy doing. (See Dan in Real Life, Little Miss Sunshine) and a quirky Knightley was fun to watch in a modern setting. There aren't many laughs, but there are some good moments - especially at the beginning.
It explores normal stuff, but with a backdrop of that inevitable ending that - spoiler alert - does happen. However, it's Carell's character story that drives it. Does he reunite with the One that Got Away? Do he and Knightley develop romantically? I was kind of disappointed by their arc, but after finishing the story, I guess I was okay with it.

MVP: Near the beginning a passed-out Carell wakes up to a leashed dog sitting next to him, and a note that says "Sorry." The dog is the winner here - called "Sorry" for the rest of the movie. The dog is adorable, and I think I would have had a fit if anything happened to him before the end.

Blurb Musing Rating: three Earth-ending asteroids


  1. I have not seen this movie, and I still don't really want to. The backdop of the life-ending-asteroid just really ruins the experience of any story they want to tell in the meantime. I get that that's the idea and a major part of the story they wanted to tell, but when I read fiction, one of the major themes I look for is "hope." When hope is taken away before a story is even began, it tends to sour the experience for me.

    There are some exceptions to this rule ("Cabin in the Woods" comes to mind), but it is something that is generally persistent through the entertainment I consume.

  2. I often watch apocalyptic movies with a tongue-in-cheek approach, seeing how other people interpret the end of the world. We already know what it's going to be like, and we can look forward to that, but it's still interesting to see what other people think (or satirize) will happen.

    Thanks for the comment!


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