Hitting the Slopes Again

Today I returned to the great slopes of Breckenridge for another round of skiing with my cousins. The challenge was to see if I could replicate the success of my runs a month ago. If it hadn't been an anomaly, I was seriously going to consider buying a full season pass for next year.

My uncle and aunt (my cousin's parents) were in town, and my uncle came out with my cousin and I. It was clear that it was no longer Spring Break, because the chair lift line was nonexistent. We had done three lifts in less than an hour, which was great. I didn't have any troubles on the chair lift - getting on or off - and each time we took the run differently. At first the hills were pretty crusty and quick, but in no time at all the warm sun and the skiers made the snow very mushy.

After our third run on Silverthorne, the rest of the family arrived and we decided to try a blue hill. We took the Mercury chairlift to the top of Peak 9 and the Bonanza run. Because it was still morning and we hadn't taken a break yet, I didn't have much trouble with this blue run as the last blue run we'd done. I almost wiped out backwards, but threw myself forwards and kept my balance. I also nearly went off the run and into some trees, but my skis only took me to the edge.

We took a break at Tenmile Station - once again far less crowded than March - and then my uncle and I did four runs down the green hills while my cousins traveled to the black runs (they're that good!). Silverthorne was very torn up by the skiers and the warmth, and there were a good amount of skiers taking the hill. But my uncle pointed out that the hill to the right of Silverthorne should be given a look.

That hill was Frontier - and it was great! When we got off the Quicksilver chairlift, we went to the far left and a nearly empty Frontier slope! The snow wasn't as cut up as Silverthorne, and no one was around! It was actually so nice, my tired uncle suggested we go up top and do it again.

My second trip to ski was a great time, and I'm going to keep getting better over next season. Maybe I'll even spot this sign on one of the other hills! (But not the moose. Those can stay away when I'm not in a car and a mile away.)


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