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Saw a movie IN THE THEATERS last night!
It's not often when a movie can persuade me to fork over ten bucks to see a movie on its opening weekend. But Captain America: The Winter Soldier did just that yesterday. I felt like my money would be well spent, and I wanted to support the movie. It didn't need my money - it will likely top the weekend box office (this weekend and probably next). But I really enjoyed this movie.

CA:TWS is very much not a superhero movie. It is a thriller that just so happens to have humans with super powers. There is enough deception going on that it feels like a Jason Bourne movie, but enough Marvel references to remind you that Tony Stark exists in that universe.

The action in the movie is stellar - especially the opening scene on a hijacked boat and the final battle around the helicarriers. Some of the hand-to-hand combat uses too much shaky-cam, but still packs a wallop. You definitely should go see this movie.

Quality Family Fun
In the theater last night, I saw a lot of families with children. CA:TWS is rated PG-13, but since the marketing of these movies is geared towards children (many in my classroom have Avengers school supplies and clothing), it's only natural that kids would want to see the movies in the theater. I'm not too sure how much of the movie they understood, and this was one of the more violent Marvel movies.

Some people might compare these movies to movies like Star Wars, but when I thought about it more, the Star Wars franchise uses lightsabers and blasters in its battles, while Marvel movies are very realistic. If Marvel is going to raise its movies' stakes and create many sub-genres within the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), including more mature content like this, parents need to understand that not all these movies are intended for their kids.

Final Four triple team
I got a chance to view the TBS/TNT/TruTV coverage of the Final Four today, and I enjoyed the variety of coverage. It just makes me wistful that I could have been watching a Michigan-covered broadcast, had a last second three-pointer spoiled the whole thing.

Childhood Book ReRead
I decided to reread one of my favorite books from my childhood this past week: The Giver by Lois Lowry. I had read that book three or four times when I was in the middle school ages, and loved it every time. But it had been quite a few years since I'd read it, and when news of the movie came out, I thought I should read it again.

It was shocking to read it again. All the words were the same, but my view on things have changed. In this post-Hunger Games world, the idea of a dystopian society is much more easy to imagine. My worldview has also changed, and the idea of Sameness is awful. I used to not mind the idea of family units and specific, orderly rules and assigned positions and marriages and children. But when the definition of "release" is revealed, I finally saw that world for what it truly was. Now I am disgusted with the community from the very beginning of the book, and look forward to the time when Jonas finally sees his world for what it truly is.

Sometimes people go back to the things of their youth and see that it really stunk more than they thought. The Giver has proven to be exactly the opposite: it's better than I remembered!


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