The Music Zone II

It's time for another list of the Blurb Muser's favorite songs! Believe me, I could be at this for a while. I have a lot of favorites!

Without further ado...

All My Days - Alexi Murdoch
This song may sound familiar if you watched any TV or movies in the late Aughts (early 2000s, for you non-hipsters). I know it from two movies: Real Steel and Away We Go. It's just so simple, but it is hauntingly beautiful and brings out many feelings.

The reason I like it: It's just a guitar and a guy with an average voice that makes a great song.

Julie-O - Kevin Olusola
This is for all my Pentatonix friends. Before Kevin became the ultimate beatboxer on one of the best a cappella groups in the world, he was just a mild-mannered cellist who put both his loves together to make an amazing cover of this piece. Yes, it's a cover of a song you've never heard - but you should never hear the original; it's not that good. Just listen to this one. No - watch this one. 

The reason I like it: I watched this for the first time when I was doing work in the Czech Republic, so it will always remind me of that wonderful trip. 

This is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco
When I get really excited to make a new CD, I tend to have my absolute top favorite songs, and then I hear half-way decent stuff and stick it on there, too. Eventually, a few years will pass by and I will listen to the CD again. I will love my favorites, but a few might make me think, "I put this in there?". Others, though, grow on me, and this is one of them. I heard it as I was listening to Channel 93.3FM out of Denver, liked it, and bought it. But the more I listen to it, the more I love this song.

The reason I like it: It's not about a girl - the song was written by lead singer Brendon Urie about drummer Spencer Smith's drug addiction. Once you know that...

Minneapolis - Underworld
This one takes me back to London, 2012. No, I wasn't in London, but this song was used as the athletes were introduced at the 2012 Summer Olympics. I bought the Opening Ceremonies album for the music used in the artistic portion of the show, but nowadays I only listen to the athlete/country introduction section, because it's so infectiously entertaining!

The reason I like it: It comes at 3:09. It's just a synthesizer, but it's so great!

Skylanders Main Theme - Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe
My brothers apparently are playing through this game this weekend, so I thought I'd throw this in. While the rest of the video game was scored by Lorne Balfe (and all the other Skylanders games, too, and all of it is fantastic) Hans Zimmer and Balfe composed the main theme, which is not what you might expect from video game music if you're only knowledge of video games came from the '90s. Zimmer is known for his movie scores, but does a fair share of video game music, as well.

The reason I like it: It starts simply, and then swells up. You wouldn't expect that from music featuring thousands of mini figs.

The Newsroom Theme - Thomas Newman
If you hear a Thomas Newman piece, you just know it's Thomas Newman. He has a style that's all his own, and it's not hard to pick out. He's done Finding Nemo, WALL-E, and Saving Mr. Banks - the last of these I correctly guessed it was his work while I was watching the movie. Back to The Newsroom: This opening credits scene was beautiful to watch - and I was crushed to find out they remixed it for season 2. I'm glad I stopped watching after season 1, or else I might have thrown my computer out the window upon hearing the new version.

The reason I like it: The music works perfectly with the opening credits, featuring Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, and Dan Rather. It doesn't work as well with the rest of the show, but as far as opening sequences go, it's solid.

Hoedown - Aaron Copland
Yes, it's the "Beef" song. But I had a friend in college who did a music visual poster with this song, with each distinct section represented with a picture, and it was amazing. There were cows and pastures and cowboys, and then for the final DUN DUN DUN, she revealed three steaks. Music lovers: we geek out at weird stuff.

The reason I like it: I love when the original string melody gets blown up by the entire orchestra at 1:12. If I'm by myself, I'll stop what I'm doing and throw my hands out wide and let everyone join in!

Baka - Outback
A Walt Disney World find. This piece can be heard in Disney's Animal Kingdom, near one of my favorite eating areas - Flame Tree BBQ. The version I like has less rock instruments and is more mellow, but this one is okay. Look it up on iTunes - you'll hear the WDW version.

The reason I like it: It's gotta be the didgeridoo.

Dangerous - Big Data (feat. Joywave)
If you recall my previous Music Zone blog, you'll hear how I had heard a great song on the radio, and then could not find it ANYWHERE. Well, I was watching one of my favorite shows, Arrow, when I heard it in the background! So I looked up "Arrow songs March 19" or some date like that, and boom! I found it! Thank you, Arrow producers, for helping me find awesome songs. (This is the second one to date.)

The reason I like it: All you need for a song is a rockin' bass guitar line.

Rather Be - Clean Bandit (feat. Jess Glynne)
I tend to troll other people's posts to each other on Facebook, because if both of them are my friends, their posts to each other will appear on my timeline. My brother and sister post music to each other often, so I tend to listen to what they recommend to each other, like it, and buy it. I hope they don't mind. This is my sister's recommendation to my brother.

The reason I like it: The video is wacky, but it's got a great vibe. It just makes you feel good!

That seems like a good song on which to end this blog. Got any recommendations? Let me know! I'll be posting another Music Zone soon!

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