The Procrastinator's Movie Review: Rush


Release Date: September 27, 2013

Who was in that one again? Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruehl, Olivia Wilde, Alexandra Maria Lara

I can't remember the plot. Two Formula One racers compete against each other in the 1970s - based on a true story of racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Hunt (Hemsworth) is a brash playboy from Great Britain and Lauda (Bruehl) is a focused, self-serving Austrian. Both have ups and downs, but Lauda ends up in a horrific accident during a race in Germany, and still comes back to race at the end of the season.

The review: Formula One racing is not very well-known in the States, but this movie does its best to explain in simple terms how it works. It doesn't dwell too much on the cars and more on the character development. Hunt is shown as a man driven by speed and women, but he can be understanding of his rivals. Lauda is driven by his ueber-knowledge of the sport, but develops a weakness when he meets (dun Dun DUN!) a woman!

I liked the movie - it was quickly paced and didn't dwell too much on any scene or character. The race scenes are done well - even the scenes that take place in rain. The movie was overseen by the real Niki Lauda, and his character is more fleshed out than Hunt. The epilogue about Hunt shows that, even though he had a respect for Lauda that is shown, he never grew out of his fast and loose ways. The relationship between Lauda and his girlfriend is much more interesting to watch than Hunt and his wife.

MVP: It might be easy to see in the paragraph above, but Daniel Bruehl did a great job as Lauda. He often talks down to his crew and the press (and pretty much everyone) because he knows he is better than everyone else. Bruehl pulls that smugness very well, and even while doing that, I found myself rooting more for Lauda than Hunt (even though Hunt was played by Hemsworth!).

Blurb Musing Rating (out of five): Three-and-a-half F1 vehicles. If it's on TV, you should check it out.


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