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Greetings! Time to get the dancers twirling. A crazy Grecian-inspired group number opens this week's show. I honestly have no idea who would have choreographed it. Ah - it was Stacey Tookey. She's hard to cipher. I was a little confused by Cat when she said that they were going to go to 10 while they were still only at 14, but then she reveals that four  dancers are going home tonight. Wow - that's a lot! The lovely Christina Applegate is back! I love hearing her critique the dancers. Emilio and Bridget: Jazz with Ray Leeper The all red tones are very striking, and their parallel movements are good. I like how the routine wasn't lovey-dovey or man/woman-dominates-woman/man. It was just all fun. Well done! Tanisha and Rudy: Contemporary with Mandy Moore Hot! Serge Solo Starts too slowly. It's really hard for a male Latin dancer to do a solo, because most of his stuff is with the girl and he doesn't wear flashy clothes! How hard. Zack and Jacqu

A Tale of Four Cities

This spring and summer I got a chance to do something I'd never done before: visit more than two Major League Baseball stadiums. I've been to multiple games at the same stadium, but this was a more ambitious venture for me. Someday when I'm a millionaire, I'm going to do every single MLB park in one single summer. But for now, this was a good start. Instead of giving you the lowdown on each park individually, I'm going to give out awards instead! The four parks in contention are Coors Field  in Denver (where I attended a Giants-Rockies game in April), Comerica Park  in Detroit (where I attended a Blue Jays-Tigers game in June), PNC Park  in Pittsburgh (where I attended a Cubs-Pirates game in June), and Miller Park  in Milwaukee (where I attended a Mets-Brewers game last week). Best View: TIE - Comerica Park and PNC Park It used to be that there was no contest for the best skyline in baseball. Comerica Park is so close to downtown Detroit that the Renais

Worship Conference: An Epiphany for the Musician

So I said I wasn't going to do any posting this week, but I was wrong. Currently I am attending the WELS National Conference on Worship, Music, and the Arts. (Yes, it does sound like the best thing ever, but I digress.) I have experienced many emotions and feelings over the past couple of days, and in the future I would like to expound on them more in thought-out, in-depth posts. But for now, I'm just going to get some things written down, so I remember to come back to them in the future. If I don't, feel free to get on my case. Logo courtesy of Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod 1. Worship is incredible, when done right. Today we as participants experienced two worship services. The first one was a service based out of our hymnal - Christian Worship - full of liturgy we've been singing for over 20 years, hymns that have been famous for hundreds of years, and choral pieces that fit perfectly into our theme of the service. We got to participate in the sa

SYTYCD Week 3: The Parent Commentary

Time for a brand-new week of dances! My parents are in town visiting me, and they are big SYTYCD fans, too. I may add some of their thoughts in this week's article! Opening Chess Routine: My guess is Christopher Scott. Nope! It's two people I've never heard of. Apparently they're part of a dance crew. Misty is back at the judge's table, which is good, because I liked her last week. Last week's bottom 6: Bridget, Emilio, Emiliy, Stanley, Jourdan, and Teddy. Marcquet is still safe! Woot! Jacque and Zack: Hip Hop with Keone and Mari The opening on the ground must be annoying for the audience, but it's pretty cool. I especially liked when they locked hands and rotated on the ground. They have lots of locking, but also a bunch of smooth movements incorporated as well. Hip-hop dancing has really evolved on this show. Notice that they weren't even wearing the "normal" sneaker-wear! These guys are great. I hope they go far. Dad: "I


We're back for dancers stepping out of their comfort zone! Opening Number My first guess is Tyce Diorio, but I'm pretty sure that's wrong. There's another Broadway guy nowadays. (I was right - it was Josh Burgasse.) Oh my goodness - they put his name on the screen! Did they listen to me last week?! I'm so honored! Cat busts a gut when the judges promote the MLB All-Star game by wearing jerseys. I love Nigel's reasoning, "We want a recommission - we'll do anything for FOX!" Oh, and he also mentions that Clayton Kershaw "scored the no-hitter." More sports integration when Nigel mentions Brazil's embarrassing loss to Germany. Someone had ESPN on in his dressing room! Bottom Six Marcquet is safe! Whew. His partner, however, is not. Serge and Brooklyn both are in the bottom six, suffering from First-Out-of-the-Gate syndrome. Tanisha and Rudy: Jazz with Sonya Tayeh Oddly enough, my only qualm with the routine is the choice of

The Music Zone III

It's been far too long since I posted some great music. Here is more of my favorites that can be found on the Internet in a variety of locations! "First Class" - Henry Jackman This song is the title track from X-Men: First Class . No, not the one that just came out - the one that came out in 2011. I listen to a lot of Spotify, and when I wanted to start a radio channel based on the music of Star Wars , this was one of the pieces that came up, and I love it. The reason I love it : The strings throughout the piece generate a sense of tension, accentuated by the brass entrances, and finally the rockin' percussion. "Where No One Goes" - Jonsi Another song from a movie soundtrack - this one runs during the credits of How to Train Your Dragon 2 , which just so happens to be a really good movie. Jonsi was also the artist who did the closing credits of the original How to Train Your Dragon ("Sticks & Stone"), and the score for We Bough


I got a little lethargic with my So You Think You Can Dance coverage during the audition weeks. Usually, that is the case. I try not to get behind any of the dancers, because more than likely they would be cut in the callbacks. (I'll miss you, Jaja from the Czech Republic! You deserved better!) I was considering not blogging this year at all about SYTYCD. However, my sister likes seeing other people's opinions on the dances, and when she asked me if I would be doing my weekly blogs during the live competitions, I said yes. So here I am, ready to break down what I liked about your top 20. This... is So You Think You Can Dance! *Insert heavy bass and synth intro here.* Some were disappointed that the LA callbacks and top 20 were whittled down to one night, but I was thrilled. There isn't much in that week that really impresses me. It's pretty much judge-led drama. ("You're going to dance for your life!") At least Tara Lipinski was there to liven thin

What We've Been Waiting For

Rick Porcello is 25 years old. Rick Porcello is 25 years old. I'll give you some time to let that sink in. This revelation shouldn't dawn on you because of his prowess over the past few games, amassing an 11-4 record before the All-Star break and an ERA below 3. No - this should dawn on you because it seems like he's been pitching for the Detroit Tigers forever! Right?! His official debut came in April of 2009, but he's been on the Tigers' radar since the 2007 High School draft, where he was picked by the Tigers 27th overall. At a time when Justin Verlander was breaking out in a big way (17-9 in 2006, 18-6 in 2007) at such a young age, everyone just assumed that Porcello would be right behind him. Verlander and Porcello would become the mighty due of the roster, and lead the Tigers to many World Series victories. Things didn't exactly end up that way. Verlander certainly dominated, but he did have his down seasons (11-17 in 2008). And Porcello, while h