I got a little lethargic with my So You Think You Can Dance coverage during the audition weeks. Usually, that is the case. I try not to get behind any of the dancers, because more than likely they would be cut in the callbacks. (I'll miss you, Jaja from the Czech Republic! You deserved better!)

I was considering not blogging this year at all about SYTYCD. However, my sister likes seeing other people's opinions on the dances, and when she asked me if I would be doing my weekly blogs during the live competitions, I said yes.

So here I am, ready to break down what I liked about your top 20. This... is So You Think You Can Dance!

*Insert heavy bass and synth intro here.*

Some were disappointed that the LA callbacks and top 20 were whittled down to one night, but I was thrilled. There isn't much in that week that really impresses me. It's pretty much judge-led drama. ("You're going to dance for your life!") At least Tara Lipinski was there to liven things up. And the one guy that I immediately noticed during the auditions - Marquet - did end up making the top 20, and confusing many people of his actual dance style. ("He's not hip-hop????")

Opening number

Guess for choreographer: Sonya? It's definitely jazz. You can always tell because there are a lot more poses and jerky movements.

Ah - I was right! 1 for 1!


Apparently Jason Derulo is a popular guy. Someone needs to tell him to sit up straight!

It sounds like it's not America's favorite guy and girl this season. Too bad - I really liked that format.

Everyone is doing their own genre this week. Kind of like the "spotlight" dances they did a couple of seasons.

Brooklyn and Serge - choreo by Dmitri Chaplin (cha-cha)
I can't figure it out. Serge looks reeeeeeally familiar. And not just because he almost made it last year. Does he look like an actor? *thinking...*

I am incredibly thrilled by the increase of ballroom dancers this season. When ballroom is done well, it is hot. This cha-cha is no different. I try as much as possible to focus on the guys, because that's hard to do! Ballroom usually dresses the girls in outfits with fringe or extra fabric, so your eyes are automatically drawn to the girl. But hey - the guy looks smokin' too!

Good routine - a few missteps here and there, but it was clear that they were comfortable - they could do crazy stuff because they know what they're doing.

(Pssst, Jason - you need to say a little more than that.)

Emily and Casey - choreo by Travis Wall (contemporary)
Did they ever go stage right? Lots of complicated lifts and links. Didn't really get what the "storyline" was supposed to be. Emily had a pretty big smirk on her face most of the time.

Is it more difficult for people to vote for the dances with low light because they can't tell who is dancing? Just a thought.

Cat's incredibly long-winded voting regulations have been reduced. No more phone calling! No more texting! No one is more happy for that than Cat!

Valerie and Zack - choreo by Anthony somebodyorother (tap) 
I remember the first season there was a tapper, and the mic to pic up the tap sounds was awful. Gladly, the mics have greatly improved.

Love Valerie's red tap shoes!

I know that the stairs are supposed to be an iconic tap attribute, but it seemed to hinder the routine. It was a lot more fun to watch them glide across the floor, because they really didn't look comfortable going up and down those stairs. They were concentrating instead of floating. At least make the stairs a little wider!

Bridget and Stanley - choreo by Bonnie Story? (contemporary) - please put the choreographer's names on the screen!
Great jumps. They were both perfectly in parallel with each other.

More parallel perfection. That's hard, people! I think that's harder than the lifts. Good acting, too. Very believable. The lighting was better for this contemporary routine, too. I think that's important!

I liked this routine a lot. Bonnie is a keeper choreographer.

Ack! I got it! Serge looks exactly like Michael Weston!

Jacque and Jourdan - choreo by Mirat Dankei? (ballet)
Let's face it - no one understood a thing they said in the 8 second bio.

Ballet! How wonderful! And choreographed by a strict Russian ballet teacher. Get excited, audience - this is great. And he's not going to take any crap from the audience. I love it. More from him please! My new favorite choreographer. (He probably kicked the cameras out of the studio, too - which is why it was so short.)

They did get a little out of sync with their one-footed turns. Pretty sure that wasn't intentional. Also didn't quite finish with the music.

Jason sings with Snoop Dog
Oh - he does "Talk Dirty To Me." I like this version better.

Malene and Marquet - choreo by Louis van Amstel (samba) 
I LOVE Louis!!

Lemme just say this right away: Marquet has presence. Malene who? His footwork is incredible. He's got poise. He was awesome. I'm voting for him. Everyone should vote for him. VOTE FOR MARQUET.

Carly and Rudy - choreo by Stacey Tookey (contemporary)
This routine is very similar to the first contemporary routine we saw tonight: technically great, but there's no story to it. They're just dancing. There's no giant connection to be made. Yes, there was passion, but why?

Emilio and Teddy - choreo by Christopher Scott (hip-hop)
Clearly Christopher Scott is SYTYCD's go-to hip-hop guy now. It must because of his bold music choices. The Commodores??? "Night Shift???????" Not really sure about this routine - it's kooky, that's for sure. Emilio did some crazy flips. (I'm a sucker for flips.)

Jessica and Ricky - choreo by Sonya Tayeh (contemporary-jazz)
Wow - Ricky went from a horizontal turn into a one-handed handstand. That was impressive!

With this routine, it's back to amazing. These two can generate the power and mastery and it comes through the screen. This was very good. Especially when Jessica planked on top of Ricky. She's got abs of steel.

Sonya has magic. I've always appreciated her routines, even if I don't always appreciate her hair.

Tanisha and Nick - choreo by Louis van Amstel again!!!!! (cha-cha)
It's at this point where I really wish we'd had a preview ep of the top 20 where there was one dance with all the same styles dancing together. That ballroom routine would have been awesome.

Nick does a great job connecting with his partner and the audience. He was really getting into it! I liked watching him.

So in conclusion...
This is a very talented group, and it will be interesting seeing these people out of their style next week. That's when we can really get excited!


  1. We kept waiting for a judge to comment on the perfect parallelism of Bridget and Stanley. They were the best,,,until Jessica and Ricky stole the show at the end.


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