We're back for dancers stepping out of their comfort zone!

Opening Number
My first guess is Tyce Diorio, but I'm pretty sure that's wrong. There's another Broadway guy nowadays.

(I was right - it was Josh Burgasse.) Oh my goodness - they put his name on the screen! Did they listen to me last week?! I'm so honored!

Cat busts a gut when the judges promote the MLB All-Star game by wearing jerseys. I love Nigel's reasoning, "We want a recommission - we'll do anything for FOX!" Oh, and he also mentions that Clayton Kershaw "scored the no-hitter."

More sports integration when Nigel mentions Brazil's embarrassing loss to Germany. Someone had ESPN on in his dressing room!

Bottom Six
Marcquet is safe! Whew. His partner, however, is not. Serge and Brooklyn both are in the bottom six, suffering from First-Out-of-the-Gate syndrome.

Tanisha and Rudy: Jazz with Sonya Tayeh
Oddly enough, my only qualm with the routine is the choice of chairs. Red upholstery normally in a doctor's waiting room now in a dominatrix setting?

I like jazz. It's very bold and brings out lots of agitation.

Valerie and Ricky: Contemporary with Travis Wall
There were some great still poses in this routine. I also liked the different lifts that Ricky did on Valerie. Travis made sure to utilize Ricky's strength in contemporary (hm...the best contemporary routine dancer from last week just so happened to get contemporary this week too?)

I disagree with the judges - I thought there was emotion enough.

Bridget and Emilio: Hip Hop with Luther Brown
Does a nerdy girl have to get hot? Can't a nerd stay a nerd and still get the guy? Plus they pulled the whole with-glasses-she's-not-hot thing. I got a beef with that.

And if I bring that sort of mentality into a routine, I'm probably not going to like it. Bridget didn't get low enough.

Jessica and Nick: Swing with Benji Schwimmer
Nick is once again playing to the crowd a lot. I do enjoy the routine for its uniqueness and fun! It was the stepchild of the SYTYCD disco routine.

Misty Copeland already surpasses whats-his-name from last week when she gives very good constructive criticism to Jessica about her neck.

Carly and Serge: Contemporary with Sonya Tayeh
Watch out SYTYCD: if you put in too many Sonya routines, we'll get sick of her!

I liked when Carly stretched up her leg and Serge stretched up his arm instead - it was different from the normal parallel dancing. There was one point when they were supposed to hit a pose, and Carly did it smoothly and Serge hit it strongly. I did notice that.

I think I liked the first contemporary routine more.

Emily and Teddy: Hip Hop with Dave Scott
I'm usually not a big fan of Dave Scott routines, but I really like this one. There's some good popping going on. There was a point where Emily shoots energy (I guess?) through Teddy, and then he dances and shoots it back to her and she dances! Good stuff. Very smooth.

Malene and Stanley: Broadway with Spencer Liff
Ah, props.

The problem with the props is that it keeps Malene and Stanley apart for so long. There's no chance for lifts or big jumps. These props are distracting! They should have only had the phones for a minute - not the whole routine. I didn't like it. Too bad - I like Stanley.

Jourdan and Marcquet: Jazz with Sean Cheesman
Right at the beginning, I think Marcquet was supposed to sit in the chair, but he ended up on the floor! He covered it well.

This jazz is a lot faster than other jazz, with less posing and more movement. It's kind of surprising how not-Sonya it was.

Oh - Jourdan got lipstick on her teeth. Someone tell her!

Brooklyn and Casey: Argentine Tango with Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo
New ballroom duo! Watch your back Tony and Melanie!

I have one problem with Argentine Tango: it all looks the same. There are many of the same steps used in the same ways in so many routines. How is this one different from the ones last season? It also was a little too slow for me.

Jacque and Zack: African Jazz with Sean Cheesman
I always get a big kick out of international routines because no one comes in with a background in native artistry on this show. And Sean usually brings out the warrior in all his dancers. Good routine.

Anyone else initially think it was body paint? I was glad to see it wasn't.

Syncopated Ladies
Couldn't really hear the music, but man were their taps right in sync! Who knew they made tap heels? I liked how they posed one beat before the music ended. Nice!

The cuts
There's no time for solo routines, apparently. I can't remember if that's always been the case.

Malene and Nick go home tonight.

Pretty fun routines tonight! What did you think?


  1. I thought for once the best performances were at the beginning of the show! I think my favorites right now are Tanisha and Ricky.


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