SYTYCD Week 3: The Parent Commentary

Time for a brand-new week of dances! My parents are in town visiting me, and they are big SYTYCD fans, too. I may add some of their thoughts in this week's article!

Opening Chess Routine: My guess is Christopher Scott.

Nope! It's two people I've never heard of. Apparently they're part of a dance crew.

Misty is back at the judge's table, which is good, because I liked her last week.

Last week's bottom 6: Bridget, Emilio, Emiliy, Stanley, Jourdan, and Teddy. Marcquet is still safe! Woot!

Jacque and Zack: Hip Hop with Keone and Mari
The opening on the ground must be annoying for the audience, but it's pretty cool. I especially liked when they locked hands and rotated on the ground.

They have lots of locking, but also a bunch of smooth movements incorporated as well. Hip-hop dancing has really evolved on this show. Notice that they weren't even wearing the "normal" sneaker-wear! These guys are great. I hope they go far.

Dad: "I liked it. And I liked that it wasn't full of weird costumes. It seemed very real."

Jourdan and Marcquet: Contemporary by Dee
There are some holds and lifts that are pretty unreal. I liked it a lot. Mom and Dad? Not so much. They are all right that the partnership isn't connecting like it should. Maybe Jourdan will be kicked off and Marcquet can start with someone new.

Oh - this was finally a song that I really liked and want to purchase. ("Disappear" by Misty Ekko)

Jessica and Stanley: Jazz by Tyce
Jessica flew up and then did the splits behind Stanley. That was pretty neat. I also liked the moments when they were just on the carpet and kind of stumbling through. It was also fun when they got to the edge and kind of teetered there.

It's interesting hearing the judges to tell these two to "tone it down."

Bridget and Emilio: Jive by Anya and Pasha
Mom: "Ooh I really like jive!"

Bridget might be my favorite dancer simply because she's not afraid to be a nerd. Kudos!

Dad: "Nice lift...another nice lift." He's right - there was some fun stuff there.

I wasn't a big fan of the routine - it was fun, and they had fun with it.

Emily and Teddy: Contemporary with Tyce (again?)
It started so smooth, and then they...shake hands?

Dad points out that there hasn't been a lot of parallel movements this week.

The ugliness didn't impress me as much as it impressed Nigel.

Brooklyn and Casey: Jazz by Bonnie
Wow - Casey's one-foot twirl was amazing! Dad's impressed by this routine's parallels. They do really well with the lifts, too. They seem to be very effortless. I really enjoy the costumes, too. Match-y, but not too much.

Valerie and Ricky: Viennese Waltz by Lacey
Another costume win. Dad and Mom agree.

Ha - she spun him! I liked it - it was cute. They were very happy and enthralled with each other. Mary made sure to be critical, which is good. I like hearing constructive criticism from Mary rather than screams.

Carly and Serge: Hip Hop by Luther
Have you noticed there has been a lot more SYTYCD/Dancing with the Stars crossover, even though they're on different networks? Dancers unite!

Dad: "I don't think they're in sync."

Interesting concept, but maybe not executed as well as it could have. There were some fun points.

Tanisha and Rudy: Broadway by Warren
Costume win again!

Lots of work with props again - but these props, unlike the phones from last week, don't hinder them too much. Unfortunately, the routine isn't very clean. There was a ton of parallel work here, and they did the best they could.

Dad's Rankings:


Mom guesses that Jourdan and Stanley Serge will be eliminated. Since we're an hour behind, Dad already found out who was eliminated.

Elimination: Jourdan and Stanley (Mom was right the first time!). I'm glad Jourdan's on her way out. Now Jessica can be with Marcquet and hopefully they'll have a bit of chemistry! And Stanley will have a great modeling career ahead of him!


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