Greetings! Time to get the dancers twirling.

A crazy Grecian-inspired group number opens this week's show. I honestly have no idea who would have choreographed it. Ah - it was Stacey Tookey. She's hard to cipher.

I was a little confused by Cat when she said that they were going to go to 10 while they were still only at 14, but then she reveals that four dancers are going home tonight. Wow - that's a lot!

The lovely Christina Applegate is back! I love hearing her critique the dancers.

Emilio and Bridget: Jazz with Ray Leeper

The all red tones are very striking, and their parallel movements are good. I like how the routine wasn't lovey-dovey or man/woman-dominates-woman/man. It was just all fun. Well done!

Tanisha and Rudy: Contemporary with Mandy Moore


Serge Solo

Starts too slowly. It's really hard for a male Latin dancer to do a solo, because most of his stuff is with the girl and he doesn't wear flashy clothes! How hard.

Zack and Jacque: Paso Doble with Jean-Marc Genereux

Paso dobles can be very standard. This was not standard. It was Rob Zombie, for Pete's sake! I loved it. Didn't like the lighting, but loved the dance.

Carly Solo

It is much easier for contemporary dancers to do solos. And are these solos a lot shorter than normal? Is it just me?

Teddy and Emily: Broadway with Warren Carlyle

Ouch - Teddy jumped on his knees to a crouch on his feet. That's gotta hurt! Teddy's also a little underdressed considering what Emily is wearing. Too bad the parallel jump-steps at the end were out of sync.

Casey Solo

Pirouettes are overrated, but his head was so on point that it made this one noticeable.

Emily Solo

There are some very quick spins in there that I liked. Plus I liked her outfit. Not much else.

Casey and Jessica: Contemporary with Travis Wall

The beginning of the routine looked very similar to routines that we only saw a couple of weeks ago, but then it got better as it went along. (Does Jessica remind anyone else of tWitch's wife Allison?) I really enjoyed the lifts and the parallel spins. It was a great routine!

Teddy Solo

I keep forgetting Teddy is hip-hop. This is kind of hip-hop/contemporary mash-up. It's okay. He didn't do too much with the stage.

Serge and Carly: Quickstep with Jean-Marc Genereux

This was one example of how the pre-recorded video packages really help the routine. Why? Because they spent so much time talking about the quickstep requirements (stiff top, crazy legs) that everyone is watching the routine to make sure Serge and Carly are actually doing that!

Jessica Solo

Not sure what extra push that gave, but she didn't really need it with that routine with Casey.

Ricky and Valerie: Hip-Hop with Christopher Jennings and Krystal Meraz

It was only a matter of time before "Turn Down for What" was played on SYTYCD. I'm not sure what you'd call it, but when Valerie made her legs pop up while she was doing the splits was incredible. And she did it twice over! The rest of the routine was okay, but that was great.

Top 7 Girls: Contemporary with Mandy Moore

Not too sure about the music choice - especially how it cut out at the end. But the movements of the ladies were very strong movements. Very nice. Also loved the outfits.

But NO REACTION to This is Spinal Tap?!?!?! Good grief! I was laughing, Christina.

On the group dance side, I love watching these, especially if it means we don't have to endure musicians plugging their next album. (A Great Big World notwithstanding.)

Top 7 Guys: Contemporary with Travis Wall

It's true - guys aren't usually the ones leaping up in a basket catch. He almost jumped too far! Yeowch!

Those pants remind me of that one guy that auditioned and just barely got cut. Their outfits are more flowy than the ladies'! Didn't like the outfits, but the routine was...odd.

Christina's words were so beautiful, though: "I come here for this!!"

The 4 Getting Cut: 

It's hilarious how the girls all kept wearing their outfits, but all the guys changed! Not surprised at all.

The four getting cut are Serge, Teddy, Emily, and Carly. I was right - that Casey/Jessica routine saved them.

As always, I LOVE when the All-Stars come in - not just because they help the contestants improve, but also because it's so much fun seeing them dance again! Can't wait!


  1. Thought this was a good episode; a couple os outstanding numbers. I loved that Jessica finally got another partner that could keep up with her, and the Rudy Tanisha number was indeed hot. I actually like everyone in the top ten! Rooting for Ricky, Rudy, Jessica and Tanisha.


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