Mini Blurbs!

Short and Stout

I have begun to get a real liking for a stout beer. For someone who normally doesn't drink beer (or if she does, it's a wheat beer) liking a stout beer is certainly strange.

In Longmont, there is a brewery called Left Hand, and they produce a milk stout called Nitro. Don't ask me why I chose to drink it one night, but I did, and I really liked it. I liked it enough to remember the name and order it a second time.

I really like New Glarus' Spotted Cow, but to really throw off my friends, I tell them Nitro is my favorite beer. They usually give me a pretty entertaining look.

School Returns

Monday begins my sixth year of teaching, and in these final days of summer, I'm finding that I am so prepared that I don't have a whole lot to do in the classroom!

We private school teachers don't have to turn in our keys over the summer, so I am in my classroom for a couple of hours about four times a week in the summer. I can do all my church and school music planning as well as slowly get my classes and classroom in order.

I have to say, though, that my room didn't really start looking like a classroom until I put up the posters last week. Then all of a sudden, the room really popped! I always enjoy these days because the room is so tidy. Oh if it could only stay that way...

A-Mison! (like amazing...get it?)

I was watching Salmon Fishing in the Yemen last week and one of the Brits really drew my attention. I ended up pulling a Papa: I spent a majority of the movie trying to wrack my brain to remember where I'd seen him before.

I know I could have just done an IMDB search, but I'm at the point where I want to find out on my own and then just use that resource for confirmation.

About 3/4 of the way through the movie, I remembered: that's Ichabod Crane! er, Tom Mison from the show Sleepy Hollow! It was hard to recognize him without a full beard and long hair, and his accent was different too! But I did get him - I was very proud. Papa would be proud, too.

Chromecast Update

A few months ago I purchased a Chromecast, and have gotten middling results. When it comes to streaming from MLB.TV, I think I put the blame on MLB.TV because the issues I've read were affecting other people. Occasionally when trying to "cast" a game, the game will disappear and the words "This game will begin shortly" come on the screen...even though I was already watching the game. This wouldn't happen if the game was on my phone or tablet - only if I was casting. Hopefully MLB.TV figures this out for next season.

But I have had other issues with the cast icon disappearing from my devices. It's happened on Watch ESPN, Hulu Plus, and MLB.TV. I got so frustrated that I rebooted the Chromecast, and now it won't sync with my wifi! I disconnected it and sent a frustrating e-mail to Google.

I did check another site and they mentioned that some wireless routers aren't capable of working well with Chromecast. Although my specific model wasn't mentioned, the maker - ActionTec - was mentioned as not being very good. So if I have issues with a Century Link-issued router, do I call them up and ask for a better one? Can I just use my own that I had before?

Not quite sure. Lemme know if you can help me out.

Books Books Books

In anticipation of my upcoming trip to Universal Studios Orlando and the Harry Potter experiences there,  I am going to start reading all seven Harry Potter books again, from the very beginning.

I have never read all seven right in a row - usually there are months or years between books. But I want to be done by the beginning of October, so I need to give myself a little time.

I still haven't decided if I want to watch all eight movies yet. I enjoyed most of the parts of the movies, but there are other sections that really irritate me. Much of the new Diagon Alley was taken not only from the movie sets, but also from small mentions in the books. So for right now, I think I'll stick with the books.

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