Pinterest My Way

If anyone mentions Pinterest to you, there is that vision that you get in the back of your mind, right?

You know what I'm talking about.

The phrase "I got this from my Pinterest board!" provokes images of cute little home decor projects, fancy centerpieces, or delicious chocolate desserts. At least, that's what it does for me. Most people who have a Pinterest account are thought to be middle aged moms who find really cute ideas but never actually do them, right?

Well, not exactly. Not anymore.

Pinterest was created, I believe, to share ideas and "pin" them to your various "boards" that you could create. People could follow your boards and pin the ideas they liked to their own boards, and the sharing process would start all over again. The pins could take you to various sites all over the Internet, where you could find how to make that gorgeous macrame lampshade or something.

I'm sure many people still use it primarily for food and decorations. But for me, my Pinterest is pretty much my fandoms defined.

At first, I got into Pinterest because of Doctor Who. I had just finished all the episodes of the new series (2005-2013, at that point) and was in withdrawl. I had to get out and find some more stuff, and I didn't really care what it was. At first I just Googled "Doctor Who" and checked out the images. Most of them were pretty cool. But there were also tons of repeats and some stuff that didn't even match "Doctor Who," yet showed up anyway.

Then I found out that there were Doctor Who boards on Pinterest, and I started checking them out. Not only was there amazing artwork on display, but there were GIFs, memes, and images of some of my favorite scenes or jokes. I saved my favorites on my computer hard drive and made them my screen saver slide show for a year.

I didn't actually join Pinterest myself until a month or two later, when I realized it would be a lot easier to get more cool Doctor Who pins. I signed in through Facebook, and as soon as I did that, suddenly a bunch of my friends from Facebook started following me. One day it would be one friend. The next day two more. The next day two more.

The funny part? None of these friends were interested in Doctor Who. I'm pretty sure they started following me because they thought I would be posting cute decorations and delicious food.

I just chuckled when they started following me, and took guesses as to how long they would tolerate seeing Doctor Who jokes and artwork peppering their home screen.

This past spring, when Star Wars came back in my life, I started following boards based on that fandom. To my utter delight, there were even more boards for Star Wars than Doctor Who! Now my computer screen saver is my favorite Star Wars images, artwork, quotes, and more.

Bless their hearts - my sister and one of my best friends send me pins on occasion because they know I would like it. I've gotten random Doctor Who pins from them, and I get a big kick out of it, even though neither of them had watched the show (my best friend has, with her husband, and really likes it now). My best friend also would send me Disney pins, which is a fandom we've shared for a long time.

Now, I have a board specifically for pins of animation, whether it's Disney animation or stuff from How To Train Your Dragon. Some of the stuff on that board now crosses over with Star Wars (since Disney owns it now) and I love seeing all the princesses admiring Leia's blaster and hair! Another one is a meme of Darth Vader saying, "Join the Dark Side...we have Disneyland."

Because I am a teacher, I did finally relent and create another Pinterest account for teacher and food stuff. Lemme just say that there are some amazing teachers with great ideas out there, and I won't be able to do all the ideas I pin, but I'll try a bunch of them. My entire art curriculum for the year was taken from Pinterest ideas. Remember when we had to buy art idea books? Not anymore.

I've also tried to expand my culinary expertise, with varying results. I've had to come to the conclusion that things will always look better than they taste. I tried to make some Funfetti cookies (with real Funfetti cake mix!) and they were all right. My zucchini casserole probably would have been better if I'd bought the right soup. (It was supposed to be Cream of Celery, and I mistakenly got Broccoli Cheddar.) The S'more dessert was a sticky failure, but the one-pot chicken fried rice ended up being delicious.

Eventually, I did conform to my initial thoughts on Pinterest. But I do greatly enjoy having that account where I can share my rabid fandoms with other people. This is definitely not just something for middle age moms.

Do you have a Pinterest account? Do you have regular boards, or do you have boards for your great obsessions? Whatever you have, enjoy it and pin as much as humanly possible! Also, remember that you can purchase actual boards at Target and pin real pictures on it. That's still a thing.


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