SYTYCD: Week 6 with the All-Stars!

It's Tara Lipinski time! Last we saw her, we were all raving about her television prowess with fellow figure skater Johnny Weir. Now she's with Mary and Nigel. Hopefully the snarkiness continues!

Group Dance

I enjoy the fact that we can actually see the dancers' faces in the group routine. I hate spending half the song wondering who did that flip. The ladies look fine in their outfits - the guys? Not so much.

I'm no longer a huge fan of the group routines because some people (*cough* Tyce! *cough*) load up the routines with eight things happening at the same time, and it's so hard to follow. I like those routines that have the group (or just two groups) doing something together.

Introduction Blip: I keep forgetting Zack is tap!

Bridget and Brandon: Bollywood with Nakul Dev Mahajan

Somehow Brandon always gets stuck with Bollywood, disco...or both! He's awesome, but isn't he originally contemporary?

Out of all the ladies, Bridget is the one I remember the least. Honestly, last week when her name came up, I actually said, "There's a Bridget?" Not surprised she's in the bottom two.

I'm not a big fan of the Bollywood/disco mix - if they'd just called this Bollywood and gotten rid of the disco ball, I would have liked it better. There was a bit too much for me.

Poor Brandon - I wish he had nailed that final flip!

Tanisha and Ryan: Argentine Tango with Miriam and Leonardo

Ah, Ryan...I remember when his wife (also a contestant) was telling people to "stay away from my man!" Luckily she was gone sooner than he was. Holy muscles Batman...

Not only is Ryan amazing with the lifts, but Tanisha does a great job holding the poses, which is probably just as hard! Plus her legs are doing crazy stuff in the air. Kinda wish this routine had gone longer.

Emilio and Jasmine: Hip-hop with Tabitha and Napoleon

Yeeeeeea Jasmine! Shoulda won last season.

How did she get her arm vertical while still in the basket? I need to see that again.

I'm a big fan of hand/arm dancing. There should be more of it. Lots of parallel dancing, and not much plot development. Did the snake want the throne? I couldn't tell! Good routine.

Valerie and Ade: Jazz with Tyce Diorio

More great lifts and holds in this routine. And she stepped right on top of him as he was doing a plank! I think Valerie is probably my pick - it might just be that her hair is short. I don't care what the the judges say this week.

Rudy and Jenna: Cha-cha with Louis Van Amstel

Cha-cha: home of the giant butt-poof dresses.

Anyone else notice that the lining of Rudy's vest was the same color as Jenna's dress? I may have noticed it thanks to the Twelfth Doctor.

They sure aren't holding each other very close. Isn't one sign of a good ballroom routine the closeness of the partners? I'm not blaming Louis for that. (I don't blame Louis for anything!)

Jacque and Cheon: Contemporary Ballet with Travis Wall

Another hybrid dance. And they're using Tron: Legacy music! Plus points there.

Also wish that this routine was a little longer. I preferred this hybrid more than Bollywood/disco. Nigel was right to point out that they never went away from one camera shot the whole time. I also liked this better than the "Swan Lake" routine in week 1.

Ricky and Lauren: Rockabilly Jazz (??????) with Mandy Moore

I have determined that Ricky is all extremities, which is what makes him so good at dancing. His arms and legs are LONG. He also rarely does complicated lifts...well...because he's all extremities.

This was a very fun dance! I like dances like this.

Casey and Kathryn: Broadway with Spencer Liff

It's not easy to focus on the guy, but Casey succeeded this week with his skinny-tux. He also totally ditches Kathryn. What a schmoozer. Good dance! I agree with the judges that he's climbing the ladder - he's not quite with Ricky and Rudy, but he's close.

Jessica and tWitch: Hip-hop with NappyTabs

I like that this routine actually acknowledges the age difference between the two dancers. Some of those All-Stars are gettin' up there.

This routine is my favorite of the night! tWitch can really act as well as dance, which bumped the faves routine up by many points. Plus the song chosen was perfect! It wasn't some grunge rap number - it was peppy! This might be my favorite of the season. (Uprooting my current fave, which also had Jessica.)

Zack and Amy: Contemporary with Sonya Tayeh

Uh-oh: personal routine. You know that everyone's going to be crying.

You know the best part of this routine? There were parts at the beginning and parts at the end where there was no music. Only rain. And those were my favorite parts, because the music couldn't sweep you up: it's only the dancing that could do it. There were lots of jumps and holds (Amy has abs of steel, BTW) that were awesome.

Geez - could you imagine a "personal" routine that wasn't done well?

Christina Perri on her annual SYTYCD stop because it made her famous.

Why are Cheon and Kathryn dancing behind her? Just get rid of her and have just the two of them on stage!

Cut Time: Emilio and Bridget

Yup, not too surprising. Do you think it should have been someone else?


  1. One by one I picked correctly each dancer's fate tonihht, plus which two were going home. Nexy week might be more complicated, especially with Caseu's sudden rise and Zach's having the final featured spot.


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