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Top 8 dance: So we all know by now that Rudy went home, so it's a little funny that he's such a highlight of the group video. Tanisha, too. Maybe it's because I already know they went home, and I just am noticing them more.

I liked this one, once again, because it wasn't eight different things happening at once. At times there was, but it was restrained.

Ricky and Jamie: Contemporary with Travis 

There were lots of fun flips and lifts that weren't normal, and it made an average contemporary routine much better. It could have used a few more close-ups of them...well...smiling. (The song was "Smile" after all.)

Valerie and Ryan: Samba with Jean-Marc

Geez Valerie's outfit leaves nothing to the imagination, huh? Not a big fan of the tailfeather action.

You know what I noticed? She dances very well in heels because she's a tapper - she's used to dancing with some heel action.

I liked it!

Casey and Comfort: Hip-Hop with some weird guys named Pharside and Phoenix

Do spiders give kisses?

Okay, so I hate the concept, but the dancing is ridiculously awesome. Get rid of the stupid spider thing and that is my favorite dance of the night.

Tanisha and Nick: Contemporary with Stacey

Another flowy-dress, dim-light dance. Eh.

Rudy and Allison: Contemporary with Ray

I dug this routine. It wasn't flowy-dress, dim-light, and they really made a connection with the song. Great lifts, and it's really hard to look at anyone besides Allison. But Rudy did a good job keeping up!

Zack and Mackenzie: Broadway with Spencer

Hey - a familiar Michael Jackson song!

I really wanted to like this routine, but there wasn't enough connection between the two, because they were either doing parallels really far away from each other, or one was spinning and one was lifting up her skirt (that would be Mackenzie). They could have learned the dance by themselves for the most part and then put it together five minutes before!

Jacque and tWitch: Hip-Hop with Dave

Hey, we just survived a huge devastating crisis - let's dance!

There were points where I think Dave Scott wanted them to do a little more pop-and-lock, but Jacque wasn't really doing it. She tried, but not so much. Not a very good routine.

Jessica and Will: As if we couldn't get enough Contemporary with Mandy

There were only eight routines, and four were contemporary - a bit too much.

On Wikipedia Will is listed as "modern" instead of "contemporary," and this is definitely not standard contemporary (thank goodness!). It was different, and I dug it.

Control Freakz

Clearly the audience was all about this routine - they wouldn't shut up! Popping must be a lot more effective while watching in person.

Going Home: Rudy and Tanisha

Aw, too bad. It was nice to have these two personalities in the group.


  1. This was totally unexpected. I thought Rudy was the 2nd best guy and Tanisha the 2nd best girl. They both danced wonderfully last week. I don't know what happened.


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