Hey! Another belated post due to obligations last Wednesday. Fortunately, I don't have any obligations next week, so my post will be up by Thursday morning!

To change it up a little bit, I'm pitting the dancers in a couple against each other. Who were my eyes more attracted to? Who seemed more comfortable with the dance? Who knocked our socks off?

Group performance

I'm never a fan of costumes that make it impossible to know who is dancing. Do we want to be kept in the dark? No! We want to find our favorite dancer and watch them the whole time. If you have a favorite dancer, of course. I don't anymore.

Ricky vs. Valerie: 

A moving prop! They must have practiced that for a long time to find out the right swing of the...swing. Light and airy. Ricky wins the dance for his shoes.

Casey vs. Jessica: 

Ah, disco.

I noticed this last week and this week, but Casey really gets into the routines. Just watch his face! He's like, "Ooh yea, this is so cool and I'm awesome!" even if he's not. He wins this battle!

I liked this normal disco routine (normal disco = oxymoron?) but hated the abrupt ending.

Zack vs. Jacque: 

Hey - I finally spelled Jacque's name without looking! It's about time.

Ah, a quickstep. Nothing spectacular in the routine, but I'm giving the round to Jacque because of the pants. Yes, those were pants.

tWitch vs. Valerie:

And a hundred bride-to-bes suddenly had lightbulbs go off. "I'm gonna make my train removable so my honey and I can dance to Usher!" Thanks a lot tWitch and Valerie.

It was pretty good. tWitch wins, because, well, tWitch always wins.

Will vs. Jacque: 

Another movable prop! That was a great catch by Will. I like him - I wish I'd been able to see his season.

All the balloons came down (are there 99?) and I thought, "That was it?" And then they danced for, like, 5 more seconds, and it was done! Kind of short. Can I really make a choice? Yes. It goes to Will.

Ade vs. Jessica: 

Jessica gets the luck with two fast-paced routines which allow her hair to be insanely crimped for both.

I guess this is the kind of thing the young kids enjoy. Though Ray Leeper probably channeled a lot of Marko in his routine. (Hair grabbing? That was so last season.) Jessica wins because I couldn't take my eyes off her. Scratch that - I couldn't take my eyes off her ankles. Or the thing covering her ankles.

Ricky vs. Anya

I just finished watching all of season 3 of Once Upon a Time, and I can't look at Ricky without thinking of Captain Hook, played by Colin O'Donoghue.

So I finally get why everyone is praising Ricky. Two examples: his hip thrusts were amazing, and the feet were on fire! Very well done. He wins. (This round - not the whole thing...yet.)

Casey vs. Makenzie

There was supposed to be a neck roll or something at the beginning, and it looked incredibly awkward. There were a couple other times in the routine where things looked awkward to do, and other times that were very smooth. The goal would be to keep the whole routine smooth sailing.

It was okay. Casey wins the round.

Zack vs. Fikshun:

I think it's a bit of a crime that in most of the front-back combos, Fikshun got put in front. I know it was because he is shorter, but Zack is the one that's competing this season! I'm going to give this round to Zack just because.

My man Phillip choreographed the routine, and he did a great job for his first routine. I loved him in his season, and I'm thrilled he's still going strong.

And please, please, PLEASE can we have more same-gender dances? It really changes the pace of the dances and allows for new storytelling. (Not just bad boyfriend crap like that.)

Final Four: Jessica (who kept her whole outfit on - props!), Ricky (duh), Valerie, and Zack.

Going home: Casey and Jacque

I am the most surprised that Zack is the one going to the finals and not Casey. There was a point in the competition where I couldn't tell the two of them apart! But that's that.

The biggest competition is who the top girl will be, even though we know Ricky will probably take the crown. (I would grin if he didn't, to be honest.) I'm going to guess Jessica will take it!

And there's enough time at the end of the show for actual interviews! Wow!

See you next week!


  1. Sadly, Twitch doesn't always win, because he didn't win his season, although he should have. And while Ricky was great, Anya was better!


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