It's time for the final four dancing a billion dances, but we won't know who wins until next week!

Top Four Dance

Notice how much partner work there was, where it was girl-girl and guy-guy? I thought that was pretty cool. Not sure if there was an agenda for that - I just liked that it was a change of pace. I always like change of pace - you all know that. (Note: apparently there was an agenda, according to Nigel. Blah.)

Gotta mention the intros - it seems like Valerie is leaning more on her contemporary style instead of tap, which she started with at the beginning. However, Zack still sticks with the tap shoes for his introduction.

Valerie and Ricky: African Jazz with Sean

Not really getting the whole "chase" sequence out of the dance. Great dancing, though! I liked the lifts by both of them at the end.

Jessica and Zack: Broadway with Spencer

Zack back with the stairs! (He had some in the first live episode.)

I love how the dancing matches the music very well. When it's dark and dramatic, they are dark and dramatic. But when the music speeds up, they start hoppin'. Nice ending, too. If I had to choose between the two routines so far, it would be this one as the winner.

Valerie and Zack: Contemporary with Tyce

Tyce is doing less Broadway and more contemporary now that they have Spencer Liff. FYI.

I do like that the routine is about someone lifting up someone else, but it's not because of a fatal illness. I'm not going to judge how well Valerie did blindness, but the routine was nicely done. Zack sure had to run around! Jesse Tyler Ferguson spoke truth that the routine did have joy in it, instead of simply pain and sorrow.

Jessica and Ricky: Jazz with Ray

You know it's jazz when the elbows are sticking out and someone's got a high ponytail.

They aren't really in sync with each other on their parallel movements. When they danced together it was nice, but it didn't do it for me. Between these two routines, I'd have to go with Valerie and Zack. Which means Zack is on a roll tonight! (I'd vote for him.)

Jessica and Valerie: Bollywood with Nakul

There really wasn't much substance to this routine. They did some steps, switched sides, and did some more steps! Meh.

Zack and Ricky: Hip Hop with Pharside and Phoenix

Looks like I'm watching a battle between kings. I was on the phone with a friend and only saw the routine, but it looked really jumpy and cool. Apparently it was the greatest thing EVER.

Valerie and AARON! Tap with Anthony

Aaron! It's been too long!!!

I will start by saying I hate Valerie's dress, and not because it clashes with her tap shoes. Aaron just wears cool better, and tap is cool.

Kathryn and Ricky: Contemporary with Stacey

I hated Valerie's dress, but I LOVE Kathryn's. It's got the crazy back scarf that doubles for a shawl at times, and then wings at the end.

Is the lighting a bit too dark? I know Ricky is supposed to be in the pits emotionally, but I could barely see him!

It's hard to go wrong when you're dancing with Kathryn, especially if you're name is Ricky. Great routine, even if I couldn't see Ricky part of the time.

Zack and AARON AGAIN!!! Tap with Anthony

Boy, I am loving this. Billy Joel - how can you go wrong! The tapping goes perfectly with the rhythms of the piano. Not only that, but Zack and Aaron are PERFECT together. They are right in time - and this is not easy tapping. Put Zack up against Valerie now in tapping, and there's no contest.

My favorite routine of the night. Nope - my favorite routine of the season!!!!! One of the few times this season where I wanted to rewind and watch the whole thing over again. Fantastic. Amazing. Crazy at the feet and smooth at the top. Flawless.

Jessica and Robert: Choreography with Travis

Whatever. I'm sure it was a good routine and all, but I just want to see Zack and Aaron tap again.

And now we have the finale! My post will be delayed because of other commitments, but we'll all have fun when we see it!


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