Doctor RevWho: "Into the Dalek"

It's hard for me to adjust to the fact that there were two new Doctor Who episodes two weeks in a row, and there will be another one this Saturday. We fans haven't had that pleasure since the spring of 2013, and that was a pretty long time ago.

Plus, if you put the past four Doctor Who episodes together ("The Day of the Doctor," "The Time of the Doctor," "Deep Breath," and "Into the Dalek") three of them feature a Dalek in some form. I honestly have some Dalek-fatigue, and came into this episode looking forward to getting it out of the way so we could have some new episodes with new villans or threats.

I did like this episode, however. It allowed the Daleks to feature in a different way than usual: by injuring one in such a way that he turned into a good guy.

I spent quite a bit of the episode pondering why exactly the Doctor and his friends miniaturized themselves in the first place. Why repair an injured Dalek? Didn't one of them at least wonder if the Dalek would be restored to its normal, humanity-hating personality once it was turned back to normal? I sure would have.

Once that took place, however, I enjoyed it a lot more. I was eagerly wondering if the Doctor, Clara, and Journey would be able to remind the Dalek of his memory of the star being born. It was pretty evident how that would happen if it did; they had pointed out the brain and memory bank of the Dalek early on in the episode.

For anyone that had never viewed "Dalek" from series 1 (featuring the Ninth Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston), they might have been surprised to see the creature inside the Dalek, and probably was a little more jarring to see. I was impressed to know that the metal armor of a Dalek is still part of the Dalek and can cause pain if injured.

We got to see Clara's day job as teacher at Coal Hill School. Fun Fact For Newbies (FFFN?): Coal Hill School was the workplace of two of the Doctor's original companions back in 1963. Barbara and Ian were teachers there and went off on many adventures with the First Doctor.

Now, Clara teaches there and meets a new teacher named Danny Pink - an incredibly gorgeous "Maths" teacher with a background in the military, which apparently has scarred him deeply. I'm looking forward to getting to know Danny Pink better - not just because he's easy on the eyes (yup, I'm already infatuated), but because his story is practically begging to be told. I'm hoping he learns about the Doctor and the TARDIS very soon, because it's always fun to see the different reactions!

I'm going to be bold and say that eventually Journey Blue will join the TARDIS team - probably once Clara has left. Doctor Who has been known to tease new companions before the join full-time (Clara being one of them) and she seemed very gung-ho about wanting to go with the Doctor at the end of the episode. Perhaps she leaves her military life behind and goes into the private sector?

That's all for this week - remember: "Don't be a lasagna."


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