Doctor RevWho: "Listen"

Well that was certainly confusing.

First we thought the Doctor was talking to us. (At least I did.) Then Clara and Danny are on a date. Then they're not. Then we see a young Danny. Then we're back on the date. Then we're in the future. Then we're in the Doctor's timeline! Then we're on the date again?!

Did I mention this episode was written by executive producer Steven Moffat, known for his crazy storylines and confusing plots?

So apparently the Doctor has discovered a new alien that freaks him out, but is the alien really there? Did we just discover that the Doctor was paranoid the whole time since Clara ended up being the one to scare him without him knowing it was her? Then what was under the blanket?!

Why don't we just talk about the stuff I did get. Danny clearly has issues, because he gets upset at Clara twice, but he apologizes and she's okay with it. (Probably should have just started with the drinks like you were supposed to and take it slow.) Clara is clearly curious, but how many more times are we going to see Danny get irritated by something she says?

There's also some insight into Danny's future, when his grandson (great-grandson? did anyone catch that?) says his family has a history of time travel. Will we see Danny in the TARDIS sooner rather than later? Are they going to draw this out for a long period of time? I hope not.

The Doctor spends time trying to figure out the week's problem, which was a problem, but now it isn't? Wait, I'm supposed to stick with things I understood...

We had some funny moments, including the Doctor's confusion at Clara's three mirrors and the fact that multiple people think Clara has a "wide" face.

All in all, I was confused and hope that a second viewing will help me to figure out what was going on. I was hoping for an episode that was a little more concise and understandable, but I really should stop expecting that from Moffat.

Next week seems a little more down my alley: bank heist!


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