SYTYCD Wrap-up

Was there ever any doubt?

I mostly tuned in to the last half of the finale (work commitments prevented me from seeing all of it) to see if anyone would de-throne Ricky, but America stuck with their choice from pretty much Day 1. Everybody thought Ricky would win, except for, well, me.

I didn't see it right away. His dancing reminded me of other dancers and didn't really stick out. To be honest, no one this season really stuck out for me, and it wasn't till last week that I realized I was rooting for Zack.

I'm okay with the decision, and one of these days I'll be rooting for the person that wins! I always seem to side with the second-tier people because I think they don't get enough love, or I'm sick of all the hype the main people are getting. Eventually I will side with the overhyped person - probably when pigs fly.

Before I finish, I gotta mention the Top 10/All-Star dance near the end, done to The Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition." That song is one of my favorites to begin with, but adding the amazing moves by Christopher Scott (I'm thinking he did much of the stuff I liked) really made it one of my favorite group numbers of all time. Nothing can touch "Ramalama," of course, but plenty can get in that second group of favorites!

I hope you enjoyed Season 11, and may Season 12 come quickly!


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