The Procrastinator's Movie Review: Cuban Fury

Cuban Fury

Release Date: April 11, 2014

Who was in that one again? Nick Frost, Rashida Jones, Chris O'Dowd, and Olivia Coleman

I can't remember the plot. Nick Frost plays a man named Bruce Garrett who used to love salsa dancing as a kid - he competed and won a bunch of trophies with his sister - but bullies who beat him up caused him to give it up. In present day, he's overweight and works at an office where his new boss Julia (Jones) is cute and awkward and also can do a bit of salsa! Unfortunately Drew (O'Dowd) is a jerk who decides he's going to be with Julia, and Bruce decides he's going to take up salsa again to win her, with the help of his sister (Coleman).

The review: You probably didn't hear about this movie when it came out, which is a shame - it's great! It's a bit raunchy (no nudity, but lots of innuendo and blatant stuff too), but also very funny with great dancing. The editing does a great job of making it look like Frost and Coleman and Jones are actually doing all those crazy moves, even though they probably weren't doing all of them.

My favorite scene is where O'Dowd and Frost have a salsa dance-off during their lunch hour instead of a fistfight, and it's just hilarious how the scene plays out.

The movie also isn't just your average dance movie with a thin plot. There's unexpected things, too, which is great. I like when a movie isn't predictable.

MVP: Nick Frost does a great job being the lead role, since he's usually relegated to the supporting goofball. (See: the Edgar Wright trilogy) He's great and he can dance very well.

Blurb Musing Rating (out of five): Four sequined shirts. Could have done without all the sex jokes, but otherwise great!


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