How to Leave the Stress Behind

I didn't have a good day today.

It wasn't like anything serious took place.

It was just very stressful. Lots going on. It seemed like not much went the way I planned it. Some things I might not have handled as well as I could have.

So how do I get rid of the stress? Some ways work for some and some ways work for others. Here are mine:

Work out

It might seem like that would be the last think I want to do after a stressful day. But working out - whether it's taking a walk or doing a light routine - is a great remedy. I did a light workout today and felt much better.

Computer time

This may mean paying bills, downloading podcasts, syncing my iPod, or catching up on television. On stressful days I love it when there's big entertainment news, like Star Wars names being revealed, because that means there's lots of reactions and lots of ways to get my mind off of stress.

Cat cuddles

It's no surprise that cats help with stress. It is really amazing how pets can sense when their owner is stressed out or in a sad mood. They follow them everywhere and never let them leave their sight. So a good cuddle is never too far away.

Piano performance

To put all the emotions of the day on a piece that requires forte and piano can soothe a seething soul. Although I'm an organist first, I find that tickling the ivories can be more of a de-stresser than organ. Organ usually frustrates me way more than piano!

Write something

You are actually witnessing the product of my de-stressing right now! This article - and other like it - are making me think of the clever ways I could type out a sentence (like that "soothe a seething soul" sentence in the last paragraph) instead of the cruddy thing that happened. Someday I gotta get back to that novel. Then I'd be stress-free!

Get away

It doesn't really matter where I go - I just gotta get out of work! It's hard thing for me to do sometimes since I almost spend more time at work (which is also my church) than at home. But a trip to the library, or Target, or out of the city entirely makes me focus on the drive and not on the stress.


This is probably the most important one that I do. It is amazing how I can put a prayer out to God, and He can effortlessly make things seem better than before. I've done that many times, and marvel as He does His work. I wish I remembered to do it more often.

So what do you do? Any helpful tips that you have for anyone? Feel free to share below! And remember - nothing is as stressful as you make it out to be.


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