Great Comedies You Aren't Watching

Comedy on television is hard and complicated. There are so many different types of comedy that it's impossible to please everyone. Some people love over-the-top (Modern Family), some like it dumb (Two-and-a-Half Men), some like it sarcastic and raunchy (Two Broke Girls), some like it brash (black-ish), and some like it with heart (Parks and Recreation).

I have three comedies that I'm going to list here that I adore because they have a humor that matches my comedy style...which I can't really classify. So if you have seen these shows and can give me a good classification, I would appreciate it!

Cougar Town

The comedy with the horrible name stars Courtney Cox as a realtor in Florida and her wino-loving friends. It started out on ABC before being revived by TBS for three additional seasons. This is one of those shows where you can pretty much skip the first season, because the show was still trying to figure out what it was. Once it realized it was about a group of adults (not young adults) who love to drink wine together and be dumb with each other, then it got hilarious.

The series was created by Bill Lawrence, who also was behind Scrubs, another fabulous comedy that I loved when it was on. I keep telling people that if you loved Scrubs, then Cougar Town would be right up their alley. (It ends at the end of the season.)

Marry Me

Marry Me was created by David Caspe, who also created a show that most of you probably didn't hear about when it was on: Happy Endings. Both of those comedies are full of pop culture zingers and hysterical one-liners. While in Marry Me there is a main plot (a boy finally proposes to the girl he's been dating for six years), the funniest parts are when the show skewers ridiculous cultural happenings, like brunch, organic produce stores, or British royal drama television (The Moors!).

While this isn't as good as Happy Endings (may it rest in peace... *sniffle*), Marry Me provides great comedic performances in a very unorthodox way. (This show just started, so you don't have much catching up to do!)

The Middle

Why aren't you watching this show yet?! It's been on for 5+ seasons and it's fantastically funny and way better than Modern Family. Patricia Heaton plays a much better character than what she played on Everybody Loves Raymond and Neil Flynn is much more deadpanned here than his character on Scrubs, but it works perfectly! They are a married couple with three children - Axl, Sue, and Brick - and they are trying to survive living in small town Indiana.

This was the first comedy that I watched where I audibly rooted for something to happen - namely, when Sue starts dating one of Axl's best friends, Darrin, and they kissed at the end of prom. Sue is a wonderful character (played by Eden Sher) who is constantly ignored and underappreciated but usually never loses her positive, sunny attitude.

Just...please watch this show.

Do you recommend any comedies? Comment below!


  1. The Goldbergs. If you remember the 80's, I think you will love it. It also has a happy ending every week.


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