The Music Zone IV

Welcome to another Music Zone Blurb! If you like to get new music as much as I do, then you'll love this post. You'll probably like at least one of the songs that I post.

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Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon
I gotta start with my current favorite - one that makes me stop what I'm doing and lose myself in awesome music. It's so catchy!

The reason I like it: There isn't any build-up to this song - it just starts right in with the refrain and then backtracks. That's different from most songs, and I liked that. Get ready to dance!

Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars
This is that song that you keep hearing if you watch commercials, which means my dad probably has never heard it before. But it is a great throwback to those great James Brown songs of the 1960s and '70s.

The reason I like it: This was a recommendation by my sister, and she has pretty great taste in music. She wasn't wrong on this recommendation!

Let Go - RAC
Well waddya know, here's another song you might recognize from a commercial! I notice that some of my favorite songs were first discovered by me through commercials. I don't buy the product, but I do buy the song!

The reason I like it: The bass is very simple, and everything builds nicely around it. It's a head-bobbin' song.

The Staunton Lick - Lemon Jelly
Speaking of head-bobbin' songs, this one fits perfectly. From 1999, this song is great to cruise down the highway on a sunny summer's day. It's very upbeat, all from two basic chords.

The reason I like it: No frills with this one. The basic principle is maintained throughout the song, and it's enjoyable even as more layers are slid on top of the lick.

Us - Regina Spektor
You hipsters out there might already own this song if you're a fan of the film 500 Days of Summer. I actually have a couple of songs from this soundtrack without actually owning the soundtrack. I should really look into the rest of it.

The reason I like it: It isn't your basic feminine beauty song. This is a song dictating the rise and fall of civilization, even declaring that the nose on our statue "has begun to rust!" Plus it's pretty much strings, piano, and voice. Super easy.

Waterfall - The Piano Guys
I heard this piece, and I thought, "This is a great four-handed piano piece!" And then I saw the video, and one guy plays the whole thing. Then I learned it was the composer of the piece. Then I learned he was 17 years old when he composed it! 

The reason I like it: I like it because it covers the whole piano. It doesn't just stick with 16 piano keys on either side of middle C. It hits the notes on the very bottom and tinkles the notes on the very top. Any piano that gets this played on it will be in for a workout!

Rockstar - A Great Big World
There is a possibility that I have indeed suggested this one before. But if I haven't, then this is a huge recommendation. This was my 2014 summer jam. 

The reason I like it: Any rock song with a piano automatically gains 2 Cool Points, and this one gained 5 by starting with just the piano and building off it. The words remind me a little bit of "Stars" by Hum - another great recommendation.

Harlem - New Politics
A super-catchy song, even if you have no idea what these 20-somethings are talking about. I am a 20-something and even I have no idea what they're talking about. 

The reason I like it: It does not take itself seriously at all. We all need some ridiculously fun songs in our life without any serious messages or depressingly emotional feelings. 

Come With Me Now - Kongos
From something clearly defined as "fun" to something I define as "raw," this song is edgy and rock and roll and something you might hear in the sports arenas. I have heard it a few places.

The reason I like it: Hard to say. It gets put in your head and just stays there. Plus it starts with an accordion - that's gotta be cool.

I Hope Tomorrow is Like Today - Guster
Never heard of Guster? Have you never been to college? Guster is one of those bands I heard in college and really enjoyed, and this song is one of my favorites, out of their great album Keep It Together. This group is on a shortlist of bands I'd love to hear live someday.

The reason I like it: This is two different songs. The first part is melancholy, whimsical, and happy. Starting at 2:04 it kicks into gear, wrapping up the song on a triumphant note. I love that.

That concludes another Music Zone! Based on what you've heard so far, do you have any recommendations for me to check out? Comment below!


  1. Neat quick and concise recommendations. Not sure why my phone Chrome won't support the music links themselves. Will have to check back on the computer.


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