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Ode to a Fireplace

Winter finally hit Colorado this weekend, dumping 10 inches around me and cancelling any plans that I had. Now the cold is here, and any desire that I had to be outside has vanished. Now, I just want to curl up by my fireplace. The fireplace was not one of the first things I had on my checklist when looking at apartments three years ago. As a matter of fact, it wasn't on my checklist at all. But when my perfect apartment just so happened to come with a gas fireplace, I was excited at the idea of having a fireplace. You see, in my childhood home, the fireplace was built in the basement for some reason. It's a beautiful fireplace, but no one ever saw it, except for my brothers and their friends. I can count the number of times my father fired up the...fireplace on one hand. It was just too hard to maintain. My grandmother had a fireplace in the Cottage that she owned in Dousman, Wisconsin, and that was a lot of fun to have on when we visited in the off seasons. It's som

The Best of Days

There are crappy days. And there are awesome days. Sometimes awesome days are few and far between, which makes them even more awesome. And Friday was an awesome day. I had Friday off from school, and I decided to go up to my cousin's condo in Breckenridge and ski for a couple of days. Unfortunately she and her family couldn't come up this weekend, but she still let me stay there by myself. I went up Thursday night after rush hour, and I was relieved to find the traffic was light heading up into the mountains. Three weeks ago, I went up on Saturday morning and was in three-hour traffic hell. I didn't want to repeat that again. Since I was spending the night, I didn't have to worry about an early morning wake-up call and 2-hour drive before I made it to the mountain. Instead, I woke up around 7:30 (that's sleeping in for me!), made myself some chocolate chip pancakes, suited up, and went out in back of the condo with my skis. You see, their condo goes right up

Plan B

Everyone has had to resort to a Plan B sometime in their life. It could be as big as a career or relationship, or as petty as a vacation or dinner. It's unfortunate that not all our Plan As work out in our lives, but that just means that we get a chance to re-think our futures and determine if Plan A really was the best plan. I hate dealing with Plan Bs. I am a Type-A person, so Plan A should always work. This weekend, for example, I am expecting the weather to be nice. I will get my paycheck and deposit it. I will return the DVD to the library before it's due on Friday. And I won't forget anything when I go skiing. Thanks to my family, my friends, and my job, however, I have begun to be less strict on following Plan A. Usually in the shadows I've already formed a Plan B for when something that I can't control gets in the way of Plan A - like a snowstorm, the bank being stupid, or being so concerned about a crying child that I lock my keys in the car (which happ

Czeching It Out in Retrospect

Four years ago I was able to take an incredible trip to the Czech Republic and do a Vacation Bible School (VBS) at a Christian school in Plzen. While the VBS only lasted five days, I still have tons of great memories from that vacation. My purpose in the VBS was to put together the music portions of the day, as well as teach songs that the kids would sing for a final devotion for their parents. One of the other helpers in the VBS, Jon, brought his guitar along, so I found songs that would work with him accompanying us. We sang "They'll Know We Are Christians" and "Tell About Jesus", both of which were hits with the kids. I'd learned from experience not to pick songs for the final performance until the kids had a chance to sing all the songs, and it was clear that these were the favorites.  I also had the chance to help with Bible lessons and amazing art projects that were coordinated by Ed, the leader of our group, play on the playground court during