Ode to a Fireplace

Winter finally hit Colorado this weekend, dumping 10 inches around me and cancelling any plans that I had. Now the cold is here, and any desire that I had to be outside has vanished. Now, I just want to curl up by my fireplace.

The fireplace was not one of the first things I had on my checklist when looking at apartments three years ago. As a matter of fact, it wasn't on my checklist at all. But when my perfect apartment just so happened to come with a gas fireplace, I was excited at the idea of having a fireplace.

You see, in my childhood home, the fireplace was built in the basement for some reason. It's a beautiful fireplace, but no one ever saw it, except for my brothers and their friends. I can count the number of times my father fired up the...fireplace on one hand. It was just too hard to maintain.

My grandmother had a fireplace in the Cottage that she owned in Dousman, Wisconsin, and that was a lot of fun to have on when we visited in the off seasons. It's something that I could stare at for hours.

Now I have my own, and I'm not necessarily staring into my fireplace. Instead, I'm appreciating its warmth. Although it's a gas fireplace, I'm thankful that it just takes a flip of a switch to turn it on. My cat Quinley also loves the fireplace, even hanging around after the fire has been turned off to enjoy the remaining warmth.  (She's curled up next to me right now as I type.)

So even though I had to give up my garage (which I regretted every day of this snow-filled weekend), I still appreciate the wonderful warmth of my fireplace. I hope you have somewhere warm tonight, too.


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