Mix Tapes: The Second Editions

Last month I started a new blog series about the mix CDs that I made - you can find the first post here. In this post we will take a look at my later college years and my first years of being a real adult.

Da Senior Mixin' (winter 2007)

What was going on: I have no idea why I picked the title that I did, but I had enjoyed student teaching and was being a student again.

Top 3 Songs:
"Eye of the Tiger" - Journey
"Coming Undone" - Korn
"Here We Go Again" - OK Go

From the retro to the alternative to the goofy, this CD had it all. The OK Go song was the one with the video of them on treadmills. To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen that video in its entirety!

Current Favorite: "Open Your Eyes" - Snow Patrol

This song is one of those great "build-up" songs that I enjoy the most. And it's probably a song you haven't heard before. So take a listen, please!

Eclectic Summer '08 (summer 2008)

What was going on: I just graduated from college, so I was flying high! It was my final bit of freedom before my jump into bills and insurance and the like, so I made the most of my summer. It was full of picnics, baseball games, and moving my big brother into his new home. All of this led up to my training and move to China for a few months of teaching.

Top 3 Songs:
"I'll Remember" - Madonna
"Down to Earth" - Peter Gabriel
"The World I Know" - Collective Soul

To be honest, I did not like WALL-E when it first came out, but I did love the song that wrapped the movie, which was "Down to Earth."

My Current Favorite:
"Once in a Lifetime" - Talking Heads

This song is just weird. But I love it. Whenever I hear it, I can't help but start dancing!

The Olympics (summer 2008)

What was going on: The Beijing Olympics had just wrapped up in August and I watched as much as I could. This was my opportunity to buy all those wonderful songs I'd heard during the broadcasts, as well as some of the other songs that they had on the soundtrack for those games. I also heard a few songs during this time that I thought were great and wanted to put them on this CD too, even though they had no association with the Olympics.

Top 3 Songs:
"Bugler's Dream and Olympic Fanfare Medley" - John Williams
"Summon the Heroes" - John Williams
"Take Me As I Am" - Tonic

My Current Favorite: "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" - Daft Punk

I heard this in an NBC Nightly News broadcast about the strange food you can eat in Chinese markets, and I loved it. It also made waves when people did some YouTube videos, like the one above.

Year One (fall 2009)

What was going on: With my time in China complete and a brief stint working in an early childhood center, I started my first full-time position as a teacher - thus the term "Year One." It went as well as any first year teaching would, but these songs were my inspiration.

Top 3 Songs
"Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare" - Matt & Kim
"Wake Up" - Arcade Fire
"On Your Own" - Green River Ordinance

This was the first year for Community, and "Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare" was on the pilot, and I really latched on to it. "Wake Up" was actually on a video someone made of Curtis Granderson of the Detroit Tigers robbing a member of the Cleveland Indians from a game-winning home run. These songs really had memories attached to them.

My Current Favorite:
"30-ars Jiggen" - Vasen

This is not the arrangement on my CD, but this was discovered as I started really investigating the music of Walt Disney World (which I write about now on TouringPlans.com!). It is my favorite of all the WDW music you can hear.


What was going on: I was becoming established in my new town, discovering new interests and making new friends. I didn't have a whole lot of time to make up titles, apparently.

Top 3 Songs:
"Time to Pretend" - MGMT
"Poker Face" - Lady Gaga
"California Love" - Tupac

I also started running, and the two top songs were great for running.

My Current Favorite:
"Fireflies" - Owl City

This song was introduced to me by a friend who really loves Owl City. I've never gotten into techno-pop music, but this is the right way to do it.


What was going on: There were a couple of great alternative radio stations in my area - one in Milwaukee (102.1FM) and one in Chicago (101.1FM) and I picked up on a few great songs as I listened on my drives.

Top 3 Songs:
"Little Lion Man" - Mumford and Sons
"1901" - Phoenix
"Moth's Wings" - Passion Pit

I also picked up quite a few songs from television shows like Grey's Anatomy, Chuck, and So You Think You Can Dance. I was Shazaming music before Shazam existed. Shazam would have made my life so much easier if it had just come into existence ten years earlier.

My Current Favorite:
"Magic Show" - Electric Owls

This song isn't one I would put at the top of a playlist, but it's one that would cheer me up if it came on. It's not formed like most songs - I really enjoy those kinds of songs.

And that's it for part two! We'll hit up another section next month!


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