Star Wars Saturday: Obsession

Welcome to my first Star Wars Saturday post! Set aside your Saturdays this fall for football and my newest article about Star Wars!

Why am I doing this? Well, it's because I am impatient. I have watched the original Star Wars trilogy three times this year (once special edition, once original, once with Rebel Force Radio commentary) and don't want to wear myself out by watching them too much.

I have caught up on all the recent Marvel Star Wars comics, which are helping to explain what happens between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. I listen to quite a few Star Wars podcasts and follow a fair share of Star Wars bloggers, podcasters, cast members, and fanatics on Twitter. My screensaver is all the Star Wars fanart I've found, and I daily check Pinterest to see how many new Star Wars pictures have been posted.

In other words, I am obsessed.

Two years ago I had this same sort of thing happen when I started watching Doctor Who leading up to the 50th anniversary. Even my students picked up on my obsessive behavior - it was hard to miss, seeing that I had them name their groups after things found on Doctor Who and had TARDIS coloring sheets and called one special day each quarter "Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Day."

But this is worse, I fear. I mean, it's better. Much, much better. Doctor Who was a yearlong binge which I wholeheartedly enjoyed, but once the series settled into its eighth (and now ninth) seasons, the glisten was gone and it was just another TV show. (Just goes to show you that I much prefer the Russell T. Davies era and would gladly watch those four seasons over and over again, unlike the current Stephen Moffat era.)

This obsession with Star Wars, however, has waxed and waned over my entire lifetime. I watched it for the first time, I rewatched it (mostly Return of the Jedi) over and over again, I played it with my brother, I read the liner notes on the soundtracks, I watched the prequels (I'll save May 1999 for a whole other article). Star Wars never left my consciousness - it sometimes faded into the background and it sometimes pushed its way back to the front.

The only time I wasn't really into Star Wars was after Revenge of the Sith came out. I, like most people, considered the saga complete. There was a TV show covering The Clone Wars, but it wasn't the stuff I loved.

It wasn't until the sequel trilogy was officially announced that I started looking back into Star Wars again. (You can even read my articles and sense the rebirth here and here.) I was cautious, but my optimism was growing.

It grew stronger when I started listening to Star Wars podcasts. It grew stronger after a day bingeing the original trilogy one blissfull birthday. It grew stronger after teasers 1 and 2. And it grew so strong that I ended up watching those Clone Wars episodes and realized how awesome they were.

Now I have less than four months to go. September 2 is the first publication where the story takes place (officially, canonically) after Return of the Jedi. (It's a comic series called Star Wars: Shattered Empire.) September 4 has been named "Force Friday" and is when all the toys are released. Do I care about that stuff? No. But I do care about the other items released that day: several new Star Wars books, one of which (Star Wars: Aftermath) details what's happening after the destruction of the second Death Star and the deaths of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. Toys give you a few little glimpses into what the new movies might bring; the comics and books tell you what to expect when the movie comes out.

I hope that after September 4 they won't let up on dropping hints. For so long the director, producers, and marketing executives have provided very little to whet our appetites, but that method is doing just what they were hoping would happen: we are craving more.

I am a little worried that I'm going to be so hyped up on Star Wars that when the opening crawl appears on the screen, I am going to burst into tears. Like, ugly-cry tears. Months and months of pent-up excitement all is finally released thanks to the triumphant John Williams fanfare.

Then, the true test begins. Do I love the movie, despite its (bound-to-have) flaws? Or am I so disenchanted that I scrub 2015 from my fanbook and never look back?

At this point, the excitement overshadows the worry, infatuation dominates the brain, and glee prevails over disappointment.

Because to me, this "obsession" provides me hours and hours of happiness. What's the problem with that?

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