Star Wars Saturday: Fears and Star Wars, Episode II

Many moons ago, when the cast listing was first posted for The Force Awakens, I posted a brief article about my worries about the future of Star Wars. No big issues - just some concerns about the returning cast players and how everything was going to fit in.

With three weeks left till the movie opens in theaters, I can't say I've shaken off all my worry about the film and the future of the franchise. Yes, I am excited to get new Star Wars, but I am also apprehensive. People are treating this movie like The Greatest Movie In The Galaxy. I even read in this week's Entertainment Weekly about the movie's Oscar implications!

Let's be honest. No one has seen this thing. Anyone outside of Lucasfilm that has seen it is going to say it's amazing. They could be lying! It could be a giant dose of fanservice, resulting in a hollow film that tries to give us everything we want in a Star Wars film and nothing that we need - i.e. solid character development, a great story, and some surprises that genuinely surprise us!

We fans are great at reading too much into things. We tend to do that for the parts of the story that rub us the wrong way. (I've got one: Luke's fake kick in the Jabba's barge scene that wasn't edited properly. I wince every time I see it. My internal reasoning? Force kick!!) I don't want to spend the six months after the movie seeing half the fans skewer the movie, followed by the other half explaining the faults away. I just want everyone to enjoy it!

It's almost like people put too much hope in this one movie. Like, this movie is going to channel the year 1977 somehow, when everything about Star Wars was perfection. In this day and age, it's going to be difficult to bring back anything like that from almost 40 years ago. We aren't wired that way any more.

When I think about all my fears, I know what I have to do: let go of the fears. It's that simple. I have to go into the movie ready to enjoy a solid film about a galaxy that I know and love. I can't think about other people's reactions, or online ranting, or negative points of the movie that don't jive with my internal headcanon. I've spent a year (since the first teaser aired) trying to map out the movie, and where the characters are, and what's going to happen.

It's time to stop.

It's time to grab the Buncha Crunch, sit in a comfy chair, and let the music drive all the doubts away.

Inevitably - as Yoda once said - fear leads to suffering. I'm not going to suffer for a movie's sake. I'll enjoy whatever comes my way, and I'm encouraging you to do the same thing.

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