Wacky Wednesdays

Wednesdays have always been an interesting day of the week. Two days down in the normal work week, and two days to go. Sometimes it can be the kickstart to a great end of the week, and other times it can just remind you that the weekend is so far away.

I guess I've always felt this way. Back in grade school one of the books that was always making the classroom rounds on library day was Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss. It tells of a child who wakes up to everything being incredibly out of place, but no one seems to notice!

I found a video of the book - you can watch it if you're not familiar with it:

Since I read this book so many times, perhaps it's always in my head that Wednesdays will be abnormal days. This has especially come true at my most recent job. It's not like it's a bad thing - it's just that I really notice it nowadays.

Wednesdays are the weird day of the week. We open the day with chapel instead of just a normal classroom devotion. This means we have to be ready by 8:30 and get into church. Of course, it feels like Wednesdays are the day when everyone is running late, so most of the kids are still not out of their jackets or in the classroom until after 8:30, while I'm trying to get everyone lined up!

We also have hot lunch on Wednesdays. Unlike most schools, children bring their own lunches every day of the week. But on Wednesdays, parents come in and cook for the kids who purchase the lunch. It's a treat, but it also isn't normal. Kids get rowdy during the morning because they can smell what's cooking down the hall. The line sometimes takes a while, so they get pushy as they wait to get their food. If there's a big mess in the lunchroom, it's probably on a Wednesday with the hot lunch. Luckily, parents are a big help in cleaning!

This is the day for my musical group practice. I am the director of the tone chime group, and we meet on Wednesdays at the end of the school day. I think the biggest problem is that it's at the end of the school day, but there's really no other place to put our practice. The kids have to set up the equipment during the lunch recess, and then we only have a short amount of time to rehearse. I need to make sure that we are pretty much playing nonstop, because if we stop playing for even a few minutes, the room explodes (almost literally) with conversations, yelling, and weird noises (don't ask). Today I was trying to explain something and had to stop because a boy was doing a Michael Jackson dance...for no reason!

So why are my Wednesdays wacky? Every week I actually look forward to the uniqueness of Wednesday, and by the end of the day I'm exhausted and cursing the fact that Wednesdays exist. Every week this happens!

I haven't even mentioned the special Wednesdays - the ones during Advent and Lent - where I also have to coordinate church suppers, church services, and choir rehearsals in one evening. Those nine Wednesdays of the year are by far the most tiring of all. Sometimes it's a good tired, and sometimes I am just wishing that Thursday would get here faster.

I would love to adjust my Wednesday schedule to make it a little easier. But it seems everyone senses the weirdness of Wednesday - people are a little more cranky, the weather decides to act up (did I mention we got 6 inches of snow this morning?), and my work pile seems to have doubled since the previous day. Even moving stuff around wouldn't make much of a difference.

And let's not count those months when the "Hump Day" GEICO commercial was around, so all my kids would go around yelling "Hump DAY!" all day.

How are your Wednesdays? Are they as wacky as mine? Well, take heart, my friend. Another Wednesday is drawing to a close, and the weekend is closer than ever.

Plus, it's inevitable that I'll just believe that next Wednesday will be better.

Maybe I'll even get rid of that shoe on the wall.


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