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Disneyland Recap: Saturday

In my last post you read about my crazy-early Saturday morning . Now we take a look at that brief time that I was awake and in the parks for the rest of the day. Spoiler alert: I was in bed by 6:30. PM. Yes that isn't a typo. Anyway, the only things I had with me after my race were my phone and my park ticket (and my medal), but that was all I needed. The only thing I wanted to do at California Adventure was do Radiator Springs Racers right at park opening, because even though the ride has been around for over 3 years, it is still the most popular ride in the park. If I didn't get on it at the opening, I would be waiting for over an hour. (FYI: I never wait in a line for an hour.) I got to the entrance at 8:20, and saw a very different group of people waiting for the park to open than yesterday's group. It didn't take me long to realize why: this was the day for the Locals. Those lucky Southern California folks who just decide to wake up and drive to Disney

Disneyland Recap: 10K Race

Click here to view my recap of the previous day in Disneyland! Races are a peculiar thing. Since running is so popular these days, races are required to shut down city streets so that thousands of people can take advantage of the wide lanes. To avoid disrupting city businesses too much, races start early in the day - sometimes even before the sun comes up. That's why my wake-up call was at 3:00am on Saturday morning. I have the ability to march myself right out of bed without too much hassle, and this day gave me even more incentive to wake up. I had laid out my race clothes (with my bib already pinned) the night before, and made sure my contacts got plenty of time to soak. I had purchased cheap, old workout pants and sweatshirts that I could easily shed once I started running. (They donate clothes left behind to charity.)I had packed bread and Jif To Go packets in my suitcase, and munched on a slice as I headed to the course. I wasn't even alone as I headed to the star

Disneyland Recap: Friday

Click here to view my recap of the previous day's Disney fun! My wake-up call at 7:00 was one of the latest wake-up calls I had during the weekend! My hotel's continental breakfast was great - it was a large breakfast space with lots of seating, and they had all the necessary breakfast items: eggs, potatoes, oatmeal, pancakes, cereal, fruit, danishes, and DONUTS! (Lots of hotels don't have donuts anymore, and these were so tasty! The only thing they didn't have? Pork - no bacon and no sausage. Kind of a bummer, if I was more into bacon. My short walk allowed me to get to the Disneyland front gate by 8:10 for an opening at 9:00. There was a line of about 8-10 people at each entrance, so I picked one and sat to wait. About 20 minutes later, they allowed people into the park. We got to walk down Main Street U.S.A. and see the teeny tiny Sleeping Beauty Castle at the end. (It would take some getting used to.) Since opening wasn't for another 30 minutes, they held