The January Vacation (An Oxymoron)

People don't go on vacations in January.

Well, people who aren't retired, at least.

If people were to take a vacation, it would likely be sometime in December, to enjoy the wonderful Christmas decorations, spend time with family, or escape the holiday madness. But by the time New Year's finishes up and the college football bowl games have all been played, everyone has basically returned home or started up school again.

That has always been my mindset. Once I get back from my time in Michigan, it's time to focus on work for a few solid months until Spring Break rolls around.

But not this year!

Due to my decision in the spring of last year to run in the Star Wars Half Marathon (and 10K), I needed to set up a January!

Even though I just started back up with school last Wednesday, this weekend I am flying out to enjoy the warm temperatures of Anaheim, California, and the Disneyland Resort!

It just doesn't seem fair to do this. I don't even fit in seven days of work before I'm boarding another plane! Mentally, I can't comprehend it. Physically, I am so ready for these races; I've been running since May, and am so close to completing my training. 13.1 miles is definitely doable.

I've had my hotel picked out for a long time now. I got a great deal on the plane tickets in the fall. My travel agent helped me obtain my Disneyland passes. And just last week I scored a great deal on a rental car. But I still can't believe I'm going! Maybe it will happen once I board the plane. Or drive the Anaheim highways. Or see the giant "DISNEYLAND" sign on the side of the road. Or actually get into Disneyland. Who knows?

There are moments of brief panic, as well. Since I haven't been to Disneyland in 23 years (and probably won't be back for another 23 years), I have so many things I'd like to do, and I hope to see, hear, and eat the best things that are out there. I don't want to waste any time and energy on attractions I have seen in Walt Disney World, food that is average, or subpar shows. But no matter how many lists I make, I have the feeling that I'm leaving stuff out and that I'll be so irritated when I get back!

So my January vacation is right around the corner. I need to make sure to pack all my running gear. I need to make my Touring Plans. I need to pick out where I'm going to eat, and what I'll be eating.

And, most importantly, I need to realize that I'M GOING ON VACATION TO DISNEYLAND!!!!

Recaps of my trip will be forthcoming, so keep your eyes on this space! 


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