The Marbruary Doldrums

It's that time of the year! For me, at least.

I've realized this year that this has started to become an annual event for me, regardless of what I have been doing before, during, and after this time.

The Marbruary Doldrums.

This feeling usually begins right after my 4-day February break from school. It is a glorious weekend, where we are given Friday and Monday off of school. The promise of that weekend is what gets me through the first six weeks of school after Christmas break has wrapped up.

However, I had a few other things that also were carrying me over: my amazing Disneyland weekend, and the publishing of my very first article in a real magazine. I was definitely riding a high for quite a while.

But, like the past two years, I hit a wall after that weekend. I struggle to wake up in the mornings. I get really touchy about pretty much everything that my friends post on Facebook. ("Stop being so dang cheerful.") I think about moving back to Michigan. I actually browse job sites. I think about writing full time and teaching piano lessons on the side.

It was a big revelation when I realized this behavior was a repeating pattern in my life. It does make sense, though; it feels like I've been in school for ages, yet there's still so many weeks to go. It doesn't seem like the kids are keeping up those routines and helpful hints that you've been giving them through the year and are failing more than succeeding. Music rehearsals are more like cat wrangling. I am not running the huge mileage I was earlier in the year and am gaining weight again. Parents are informing you that their children aren't going to be able to sing for that big song you've been practicing since the start of the semester. And your senior choir members, while they probably are intending to keep the rehearsal light, are insulting your crappy accompanying skills as you try to get them ready for Holy Week singing.

Here's the thing: this happens all year long! It's not like anything is new at this point in the year. But it just seems like it all is piling up when the weather doesn't know what to do and the nearest holidays (Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day) are some of the absolute worst holidays of the year.

So how do I get out of my yearly Marbruary Doldrums? Considering this is a new trend, I'm still trying to figure it out.

Easter will be a big help, considering it's so early. After tomorrow, we'll have three Lenten services down with three to go. That's always a big hurdle to conquer.

In March, my Bolder Boulder 10K training will officially begin, so I can get back on a committed running schedule with a goal in mind. And the weather has been pretty fantastic lately, which means more outdoor runs with minimal sidewalk slipperiness.

After enjoying the West Coast Disney park, I'm getting incredibly excited to return "home" to Walt Disney World in Florida. Even though we're still about 100 days out, I've been creating plans, making YouTube playlists, and getting my parents amped up for this big trip. (They're getting a package in a couple of days...try to keep it secret!) It's probably too much, too early, but hey, it keeps me from getting sour!

And, after two years of being visitor-free, I am having a guest! My brother is moving to California and is coming through Denver as he heads west. We both hope he'll be able to spend more than just a night here, and I'm excited that I'll actually have someone with which to enjoy some of Denver's nicest sights.

Getting out of the Doldrums takes time, but it always happens. Something takes place that puts me right back in the right frame of mind; making me see that I'm right where I should be, doing the job I should be doing, with the right group of people around me.

It's just up to me to not dwell in those Doldrums for too long. A pity party is no way to deal with this time of the year.


  1. Jenna asked when you were coming to visit again. You're always welcome! :)


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