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It's 2016. Don't Be A Priest - Guest Blog!

Today I let my little brother take over the blogging duties! Jared is currently training to be a Lutheran pastor at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, but has a lot of fun hobbies. He also is a pretty outstanding writer. Enjoy! One of life’s simple pleasures is having a group of friends who enjoys making fun of each other. Obviously, this type of friendship culture isn’t for everybody--and without a doubt, sometimes things can get carried too far. But seriously, if you have this type of friendship with someone, you know what I mean. There is just something enjoyable about being able to diss your friend, and then have them diss you right back. There’s a mutual respect that goes into it. It keeps you humble. It’s just dumb fun. And occasionally, a well-placed diss can make you think. About a week ago, in a Smash Brothers Facebook group (yes, I am a member of a few Smash Bros. groups on Facebook), there was a thread that was all about callouts . If you’re unfamiliar with a callout, im