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Rey: The Hero I Never Knew I Needed

So over the past few months I have been relishing in the Star Wars love. Not only was the hype before December 17 worth it, the aftermath has been even more enjoyable! This isn't the unsustainable, insurmountable, below-expectations Star Wars movie we'd come to know and dread. This movie has legs, and it's going to keep us pushing on till December of 2018. One of the happy surprises has been the overall love and appreciation of Rey. Her character in the movie is something we haven't seen too often in film. The leading women of action movies tend to be tough, moody, and in charge. Rey, on the other hand, was optimistic in the face of dire circumstances, cheerful when meeting up with the grumbliest scoundrel in the galaxy, and slowly learning how to embrace her Force-sensitive abilities. The more I read about Rey, the more excited I get. She's the female presence in Star Wars that I've always wanted. I never thought I would copy Leia, nor did I ever feel lik

Positive Internet Life Lessons (An Oxymoron?)

It is clear, when doing just one Google search or reading one article or checking out one social media post, that the Internet is not always the best place. That can come from unsafe websites trying to hack into your account to Internet trolls that live for making people feel horrible for what they post to other really crappy Internet problems. You'll read about those problems and issues in other articles. I've read my fair share. But this article is going to look at the brighter side of the Internet. After all, this magical connecting device does offer some amazing things. Push aside the terrible and see what I've been able enjoy: I've Found Great People There are a lot of people on the Internet - millions, for that matter! And while I can't say I have made any close personal connections with anyone through social media (deep relationships are more for face-to-face interactions, really), I have managed to discover a group of people that enjoy the same kinds o