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Little House on the Prairie: A Reread

When I look at my books in my home, most of them are relatively new. I'd say that most were purchased within the last 10-15 years of my life. Any books that I had from my childhood are still in my childhood home or have been boxed up and donated somewhere else. All of my childhood books except one series: Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie  series. After getting the box set way back before high school from the Scholastic Book Orders, I took them with me wherever I moved. But while I owned all the books, I actually haven't read them. They have simply taken up space on the shelf, and I look at them and remember reading through the series very early on in my life, and then rereading them several times after that. This spring my 3rd and 4th graders read Little House in the Big Woods  for Reading class, and it was fun to dive into that book again. As I continued to read, I read new things that I had skimmed over as a child, and learned to enjoy sections tha

A Little Disney World Collection

Back in the 2000s, pin trading became a huge phenomenon in the Disney parks. It started around the turn of the century, when commemorative pins were released for the Millennium Celebration and pin "trading" was introduced. Most people would wear their pins on lanyards, including Cast Members, and people could trade pins with each other at either designated locations or events. Eventually this craze faded, but people still like collecting Disney pins. I personally enjoy this relatively inexpensive hobby, because it's something small that I can show off. And show off I do! Here is the bag I will be taking into the Disney parks this year. Every time I attend a Disney Park, I buy myself a pin. Sometimes it's the fancy pin, and other times I just buy whatever fits the theme of the trip. Regardless, it's a great way to keep track of some pretty fantastic vacations! 2000 My very first pin was actually a free  pin that was given out when we went during

The Best Movies for a WDW Trip

Going to Walt Disney World is an amazing experience. If you are mentally prepared for crazy awesomeness, then that is what you'll encounter as soon as you cross into Disney territory. But you know what can make a trip extra  special? Noticing all the "extras" in the park. Disney Imagineers have created a fascinating set of parks, where guests are immersed into a land that is different from all other theme parks. If you look closely, though, they have added little details that immerse a guest even deeper into the Disney lore. Much of the parks are filled with details taken directly from the Disney movies, both animated and live action. So if you're gearing up for a trip, here are some films that will help you take your enjoyment of Walt Disney World up to 11: The Little Mermaid This movie is a favorite of mine, because it was animated so well! You can find details from this movie in the Magic Kingdom's dark ride and Hollywood Studios' stage show. Ari